November 2021

November 1, 2021


A message from our teachers:

Your teachers are extending a big hug to all of you– a warm teddy bear hug kind of hug, to say thank you for another wonderful month together. October is the month where we all settle in and settle down. Settle down to the business of having fun, that is!

November promises to be awesome too. Children have expressed an interest in dark, light, shade, and shadow; yoga and movement; instruments and noise making; and colour mixing! Outside, we love dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles, drawing on the cement with chalk, and making great use of our rain barrel. The sand box is popular, as is our wagon. We keep busy transporting water and leaves and friends to our sandbox. Together, we make rivers, mud pies (and cake and ice-cream!), and give gifts of leaves to one another. We love balancing on our log stumps and trying to make it up the climber. Some of us are brave and some of us are tentative– and that’s okay. Perhaps best of all, we love playing on our strangely popular jumparoo! We hop on one foot, march, and stomp too, all on our jumparoo!

We have continued to explore spiders, dinosaurs, and bats in all classes. Did you know dinosaurs drive cars, eat spiders, hide in the play dough, and walk on rooftops!? Bats can get caught up in a spider web (and dinosaurs too!). Spiders have been swimming in our water table. At the end of October our water table looked “freaky” (direct quote from F.) Black water and bobbing jack-o-lanterns were the likely cause.

We poured, mixed, measured, trickled, scooped, and spilled sand in our classroom sensory bin. The sand indoors is very different from the sand outside, so the experience is quite contrasting.

The children have explored portrait making. First, teachers introduced mirrors to examine our faces and our unique features. We followed up with pencil or ink on paper drawings in all classes and then portrait making in our Fours using “loose parts” (found objects that allow for open-ended limitless imagining and ideas). Together we used beads, sticks, gems, yarn, and other stuff to make faces (and not make faces.) Our creations are amazing.

Instruments come out every now and then when the mood strikes. We love to move our bodies. We love a good dance party. We love to sing.

October was a month of birthday celebrations, BC Shake Out Day (keeping safe in the event of an earthquake), our first art gallery visit to The Gallery In The Park, our very own QPP pumpkin patch and of course dress-up day for Halloween!

Thank you all for a spectacular month of October. What will November bring?

Warm wishes,

your teachers!


A message from our executive team:

Happy November to all of our families! We hope you are all settled in and that the kiddos are enjoying their time at the preschool. We are looking forward to seeing you all during the upcoming general meeting on November 2nd. You’ll receive an email shortly with all the details. Also don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 7th.
Warm and cozy wishes,
The Executive Team

November upcoming events and important dates:

  • GM on November 2nd (7:00pm via ZOOM)
  • Class Photo Retakes on November 4th
  • Diwali is November 4th (we will celebrate on November 3rd and November 4th)
  • Last day to order for the Neufeld fundraiser is November 5th
  • Remembrance Day is November 11th (the preschool will be closed)
  • Pro-D Day for teachers on November 12th (the preschool will be closed)
  • Neufeld fundraiser pick up day is November 15th

An update on our fundraisers:

Thank you again to everyone who participated in September’s Cockney Kings fundraiser! A total of $450 was raised for the school.
Also, thank you to every who bought a pumpkin for our Pumpkin Carving Pizza Party! Overall, 80 pumpkins were sold, raising $400 for the school. Special mention and a huge thank you to Save On Foods in Columbia Square for donating all of the pumpkins! We really appreciate it.
We currently have a Neufeld Farms fundraiser going on, which has a great selection of appies, sweets and top-quality meat for the upcoming holiday season. Orders must be in by November 5th and pick up will be at the school on November 15th at 4:30pm. Take a look here:
Looking ahead, there will be a Purdy’s Chocolate fundraiser later in November and photos with Santa in December. 


A recipe to try: Maple Carrot Soup

Here’s a cozy seasonal recipe that’s perfect to make when it’s chilly outside. You can even add your own toppings! Check out Maple Carrot Soup, courtesy of Today’s Parent magazine:



Maple Carrot Soup

Photo and recipe courtesy of Today’s Parent magazine,



QPPS teachers


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