May 2019

April 30, 2019

Happy May!

We are looking forward to seeing all of our current and new families at the May Annual General Meeting. In May, we will be approving the financials for the preschool and voting in our new Executive members. We are still looking for a Treasurer to join the board as well as Class Reps for next year, if you have an interest in joining the Executive Committee please reach out to us at

Our April Silent Auction was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated and came out to enjoy a fun evening!

Making Sense of Challenging Behaviour 

No one is more susceptible to being misunderstood than the preschooler. Many of their most challenging behaviours would qualify them for any number of personality and behaviour disorders. Unlike infants and toddlers, preschoolers actually bear a resemblance to grown ups and therefore fool us into thinking that they are much more like us than they really are. Projecting our psychology onto them is a typical mistake.

This month’s presentation will address commonly misunderstood preschooler behaviour including resistance, frustration, attachment, and impulsiveness. We will meet Christie Mackie, MA, RCC. She works as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice, supporting parents and professionals in making sense of kids. She is authorised as a Neufeld practitioner, after completing a post graduate program through the Neufeld Institute.

Christie is passionate about her work with families and believes her role is to shed light on what can seem such a difficult and confusing time, while working towards reclaiming or holding onto a child or teen. Christie also works at the Neufeld Institute, and is currently the Director of Advanced Courses. Previously, Christie worked with Fraser Health to support children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. She is a mother to three beautiful children and has a deep understanding of the variety of feelings involved in parenting in today’s world.

3-Year-Old Classroom Information

In April, our three year old classes have been enjoying very tactile art activities. We have explored finger painting, sponge roller painting and collage! We have also been doing some colour sorting and matching with pastel spring shapes and plastic Easter eggs. During dramatic play the using metallic pompoms, a great deal of imagination, and tongs, the colourful metallic pompoms have become “muffins” “Easter eggs” and “cupcakes.”

Our 3s classes have been playing with construction vehicles in our grassy sensory table and we recently brought out our car mat and vehicles to expand on this interest. One of the books we are reading together during group time is Byron Barton’s Machines at Work.

Springing from our curiosity about creatures, we were excited to be welcome Mike’s Critters into our preschool classroom for a visit! Stay tuned to hear about who we met!

Don’t forget we are celebrating Moms on Thursday, May 9th.  We hope our Moms are able to come back and join us for snack and to make a craft with their child to take home. Morning class Moms come back at 10:30 and stay until 11:30, and afternoon class Moms come and join us for snack and a craft from 1:30 until 2:30. 

Important Dates to mark on your calendar:

  • Thursday, May 2- eggs and incubator arrived yesterday!
  • Tuesday, May 7- GM
  • Thursday, May 9- Mother’s Day Celebration
  • Thursday, May 23- Green Shirt Day (wear your QPP t- shirt to school!)
  • Wednesday, May 29- Art Show Opening (6-8 pm)

Warmly, your teachers!

4-Year-Old Classroom Information

During the month of April we celebrated all things creepy crawly in our four year old classes! Spiders, insects and worms are very much points of interest for our preschoolers recently.  In addition to going on spider and worm hunts outdoors, we have enjoyed exploring insects in our grass sensory table and at our light table! The bugs made their way around the classroom into the play kitchen and even at our playdough table. Our water table and light table also became a home for pond life in the form of turtles, frogs and even snakes! We explored the life cycle of frogs and brought out our magnifying glasses.

Our pirate ship came out of storage after a few children came to preschool speaking pirate talk and searching endlessly for treasure. Our balance beam became an opportunity to “walk the plank!” We will build on the pirate interest into May and expanding on interest in creatures that swim, our water table has become a fish pond. 

On May 1. we will be getting our incubator and chicken eggs delivered so naturally our program will include eggs, the life cycle of a chick, and farm life. Now that we are in the season of spring our thoughts naturally move in the direction of plant, insect and farm life. Two of the books we have been sharing in our fours classes are The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood. 

Don’t forget that O.W.L  (Orphaned Wildlife Rescue) is having their annual open house May 4 and 5 from 10:30-3 pm.  More information is posted on our information board in the cubby area.

Mom’s please mark your calendar so that you can join us for Mother’s Day on Friday, May 10.  We will be having refreshments and create a craft together. You are invited to join us from 10:30-11:30 in the morning or 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon.

Important Dates to mark on your calendar:

  • Wednesday, May 1- incubator and eggs arrive
  • Saturday, May 4/Sunday, May 5- O.W.L open house
  • Tuesday, May 7- GM
  • Friday, May 10- Mother’s Day celebration
  • Wednesday, May 15- Art Gallery Visit
  • Monday, May 20- Victoria Day (stat holiday)
  • Friday, May 24- Green Shirt Day (wear your Queen’s Park Preschool t- shirt!)
  • Wednesday, May 29- Art Show Opening 6-8 pm

Warmly, your QPPP teachers!

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