March 2018

March 2, 2018

From the President

Welcome March!

Spring is just around the corner and the kids have had a great February. Valentine’s Day and the gallery visit were highlights for my kids.

Enrollment is well underway now with our classes filling for the 2018/19 school year. We still have space in some of our classes, so spread the word!

If you haven’t had the chance to complete the preschool survey, please do by clicking here.  Your feedback is highly valued.

Have a restful March and enjoy Spring Break – March 19-23.

Got a Talent for Budgets?

The budget committee is established on an annual basis to participate in the review and preparation of the budget for the following year (this includes setting the tuition fees for the upcoming year). The committee includes the Treasurer, President, Vice-President, the teachers, and at least two volunteers from the general membership who will be returning members.  

At the March GM, we will be asking for volunteers from the membership to join the budget committee. The budget committee meeting will be held from 7-9pm on Wed., March 14. If you are available to attend the committee meeting, are interested in learning more about how we plan for the upcoming school year and would like to contribute to the decision making process, please consider volunteering.

Next Up for Parent Education

March’s parent education is by Joyce Collins of Kinsight – she will be speaking about Inclusion. And coming up in April, Jesse Miller with Mediated Reality will be joining us to talk about internet and social media safety.

Fundraising News

There isn’t anything new for March, but just to tease you a little – look out for a couple more awesome fundraisers in April and May!

For the next GM don’t forget your big brothers donations and money for the Raffle, since we love surprises in this month’s newsletter – it’s a great prize that everyone will love!!!!

3-Year Old Classroom Information

Love and friendship was in the air this past month and kindness sprinkled throughout! We celebrated Family Day, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year and the room adorned with pink, red, metalics and hearts galore to mark the occasion.  

We created a group collage over the course of several classes, first using paint and then pasting a variety of paper. The children’s interests led us to turn the house area into a store… complete with cash register, grocery carts and a variety of food.

Another highlight of the month, the evolution of a train station in the loft (thank you James and Stacey for your contribution)! To the children’s’ excitement, we have re-introduced the new (extended) yard for plenty of new adventures in the great outdoors (snow and all)!  We have been expanding our emotional literacy by introducing different emotions, in order to provide the vocabulary and context for the gamut of feelings that we all experience and have been discussing how we can express those feelings. The children’s ideas continue to flourish and we look forward to where they will take us in March.  Stay tuned!  

Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday, March 13 – Art Gallery Visit
  • Tuesday, March 20 & Thursday, March 22 – Spring Break, No Class this week
  • Thursday, March 29 – Easter Egg Hunt

Ms Lynda and Ms Donna

4-Year Old Classroom Information

During the month of February, our 4s classes have enjoyed creating silent auction art and a trip to the art gallery to view oil paintings and ceramic sculptures done by Manuel Strain from his Mutations series. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing valentine cards with each other and decorating valentine cookies. Naturally friendship, family and love were part of our classroom discussions.

Throughout the month of February we continued focusing on the topic of feelings and emotions and personal space, considering others feelings as well as recognising our own feelings and emotions and using the picture story resources I HAVE BIG FEELINGS and WHAT ZONE ARE YOU IN TODAY-the zones of regulation as tools for helping the children understand and cope with big feelings.  

We touched on Chinese New Year by making and enjoying tea together and meeting a lion (or a dragon) depending on which child you asked. We created watercolour renderings inspired by the lion-dragon and read the book What The Rat Told Me by authors Marie Sellier, Catherine Louis and Wang Fei. We continue with our spider web project by hot gluing sticks that we collected on a recent nature walk. Huge in popularity has been using our Connects and Straws for building fantastic elaborate structures encouraging teamwork, fine motor skills, concentration, patience, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. On top of all of this learning the Connects and Straws are pure and simply great fun!

The unexpected snowy weather has been a wonderful opportunity to enjoy playing on our hill and expanded yard! Snowball fights, snow angels and rolling down the hill all popular on a nearly olympic level!

For the Month of March we will be continuing with ZONES of REGULATION learnings and focussing on friendliness and kindness in the classroom. Our spider web will continue to be worked on and at a child’s request we may even be painting it. On Wednesday, March 28th we will be having an Easter Egg hunt and maybe just maybe we will have some bunnies visit our classroom!

Warm regards,
Ms. Donna and Ms. Queenie

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