March 2013

February 28, 2013

Fundraising and Auction News

Thank you for all your support in our fundraising endeavors so far this year.

Big Brothers Clothing Drive – Please bring all of you bags of second hand clothes, boots, shoes, linens, purses, and belts to the next General Meeting on March 5th.

Shopping Cards – The next shopping card orders will go in on March 6th. Cut off for ordering is also at the General Meeting on March 5th.  Order forms are at the preschool.

Adams Meat Pies – The meat pie orders are due on the 25th of March for delivery in April. These order forms are also available at the preschool.

Queens Park Preschool Silent Auction Evening – March 9

March 9th is gearing up to be a fantastic night!  There will be terrific items to bid on, wonderful door prizes, bidding wars with friends, and a chance to bid on live auction items as well. This enjoyable evening also offers time spent with others, a chance to relax and enjoy a drink, have a snack, and share in the excitement of a wonderfully successful fundraising event. Music with DJ Patrick, and dancing is planned for the last hour – so bring your dancing shoes!

Thank you to all families who have donated items to the auction. We are putting a list of all donated items on our website so you can check and see which items you may want to bid on.  Many of you have let Kathleen know that you have items coming in – thank you! Please try to ensure all these items are in by Thursday, February 28th in order to give the fundraising team enough time to do all the paperwork and planning needed. We don’t want anyone to be left out.

There will also be a program handed out at the auction. This will be posted on our website prior to the event so you can get a chance to see what there is to bid on and come prepared to win.

The fundraising team is proud to announce we have, for the first time ever, acquired Community Sponsors and Event Sponsors for the QPPS Silent Auction.

Community Sponsors:
Binpal and Associates
Team Dave Vallee

Event Sponsors:
BeeSafe Solutions

First Pick Tickets: These will be sold for $20 each at the next General Meeting on March 5th.  Please remember to bring cash for this so you have a chance of winning this draw. The winner of this draw will attend the auction venue earlier in the day and choose any Silent Auction item they would like, as their prize. There are many great donations already for you to choose from!

Tickets: All QPPS families received two tickets to the Silent Auction at the last General Meeting on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013. Please remember to bring these tickets with you when you arrive at the auction. The number on your ticket will be needed for bidding.

Family and Friends are welcome to purchase tickets as well. Please email me the number of tickets required, the name of the person who the ticket is for and put payment in Emilio’s box with an email to confirm, and I will ensure tickets are put in your child’s box as soon as possible.  (email:

Each purchased ticket will receive one complimentary entry into the door prize draw.

Entrance and Exit: Entrance before 8:00pm – please use the main escalator at the River Market. To enter after 8:00pm and when leaving, please note only the doors at the back of the building are available at this time. Be prepared to exit and enter at the rear door, by the red staircase (beside the Paddlewheeler Pub) – this is also where the elevator is so you can haul all your winnings home without having to use the staircase.

Help During the Event: As all successful events require the support of all the members, we thank those of you who have signed up to help during the event. We are still looking for a few helpers in the following areas: Designated Drivers, serving at the bar, clean up and set up.

For Your Information:

Event starts at 7:00 with the first table bidding closing BEFORE 8:30
Live Auction will start at 10:00 – with retiring MLA DAWN BLACK running the auction
Last table will close at 11:30pm
Dancing will start after the Live Auction

There will be a 50/50 draw – tickets $2 each, three for $5 or an arms-length for $10

Door prize draw – included for those who have purchased Silent Auction Tickets. Tickets are also available for anyone to purchase at $2 each.

There will be a cash bar serving red and white wine (Naked Grape Merlot & Pinot Grigio) and beer (Molson Canadian, Rickards Red and Sleeman’s Honey Brown). There will also be pop, water and sparkling water available for purchase. Typical parents we are, always making sure no one gets thirsty!

All city Councillors as well as the Mayor have been invited to attend. Many of the local businesses who have donated have already purchased tickets to this event – we are so excited to know that our preschool will be getting so much support from the city we live in.

The fundraising team thanks you for working together, to make this a successful event for all of our children and a FUN event for all members and guests.

Kathleen Carlsen
And the 2012-13 Fundraising Committee


The Preschool will be closed for Spring Break March 16 – March 24. Happy spring!

Registration Update

There are still a few spots left in the afternoon 3 and 4 classes for the 2013/2104 year. Please spread the word to families you feel would be interested in attending QPPS.

A Huge Thank You!

A big thank you to Andy Goyan who has donated so much paper to our preschool (in many shapes and sizes) and most recently, all the boxes that were used for the 3 year old class’ teddy bear picnics. It is very appreciated by the children and teachers!

3-Year Old Class Information

There has been a lot of growth in the three year old classes both physically and socially through this year. It is amazing to listen to the children’s interactions that they have during play as well as their comments, suggestions, and questions during group times. A good example of this happened this month. We had the wonderful experience of the 3am class planning their own “ballerina show” with suggestions of what they needed for the show, and then the next day having the show happen during class time! We also noticed this happen on an almost daily basis with the 3pm class as so many of them would discuss how they needed to feed and lovingly care for the “babies” and stuffed animals.

During this past month the children built a huge forest, camped, had pretend marshmallow roasts, and took care of many animals. Many of the children also helped to create some paper mache “animal homes”. On Valentine’s Day we had great fun with our stuffed animals, creating beds for them and of course having a great picnic in our inside forest (thank you to those that provided our delicious picnic food!) We introduced clay this month, and the children have really enjoyed creating small scenes and designs with the clay. We also have had a few fun surprise guests this month….Ginger the snake that visited both classes, Larry the leopard gecko (that visited just the morning class) and our new class pet beta fish! The children have enjoyed observing these animals.

As we continue into March, we have moved the forest to a “table top” location, to allow for some animal house building and possibly some nest building. We have moved the overhead projector to the block area, and we will explore the lights and shadows on the big wall (and perhaps have some “shadow puppet” play). As we have done many types of painting throughout the year, we would like to extend this. We want to try “REALLY BIG PAINTING!” using large pieces of paper, drop cloths on the floor, and stools/small step ladders. As you can guess, this might be a bit messier than usual, so please make sure that your child is dressed in play clothes that can get paint on them.

We will have Spring break from March 16-March 24. When we return from the break we will do start to do some spring activities, and on March 28 we will have an Easter Egg Hunt at the end of class. If you would like to join us for the hunt, please come 20 minutes before the end of class to join in the fun. Siblings are more than welcome, but please let us know by March 14 if they will be coming, so that we can make sure to have enough eggs.

Have a wonderful month and Happy Spring!

4-Year Old Class Information

Amidst colds and flu, we managed to have some fun in between….For starters, we celebrated Chinese New Year with eye-opening colour and sound!  Banging drums to Dragon Dance music, we held our own New Year Parade. We made lanterns, decorated our room with plum blossoms, told stories, and cleaned copper pennies with vinegar and salt. The children had the opportunity to wear the dragon (or lion) costume we made and dance around the room, just like in the books we’d read. We washed away any bad luck of the past and sent home some lucky shiny pennies in Lei Si envelopes.  We wish you good fortune throughout the Year of the Snake!

Valentine’s Day followed soon after with plenty of valentines to share with everyone.  Some were brought from home and others were made at school. We used hearts, cotton balls, staples, hole punches, and string to create all sorts of notes and cards, backpack and shoe embellishments. Most were inspired by a book entitled “The Day it Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond.

For the upcoming month we asked the children what they would like to learn and explore. Both classes gave us two long, eclectic lists of topics, some even in Swahili!  The month(s) to follow will include all sorts of surprises as we try to intermix their ideas within the program. We’ll also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. On March 27th, we will be having an egg hunt, more info on that to follow!

Jessica and Jenny have brought in a few retro toys that our parents saved for us over the years and it’s been fun for us as adults to reminisce over them, and fun to share them with our children. We’ll be bringing in some more, but we’d love to see what your families have tucked away. A Sesame Street Club House maybe? A Fisher Price Record Player? What memories will you conjure up at the preschool? Feel free to bring in a toy from your childhood on your next Duty Day, surprise us!

With Spring comes “Inside/Outside Days!”  Most sunny days the large double doors of the preschool will be open during free play time. Outside shoes may be worn inside and out as the children will be able to float from activities set up in all areas. It gives us a chance to spend more time in the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, if you should so choose.

Also, we wanted to remind the 4’s to register for Kindergarten! Yes folks, it’s that time!  Here is a link to the New Westminster School District Registration Procedure info (other cities my require different information, so check your local School District website for specific requirements):

Attention Duty Parents: Please be careful when dumping the recycle and compost bins into the bins outside. If you’re not sure what goes where, just ask!

Moment of the Month:

Boy to both teachers: “I got my first LETTER in the mail yesterday from the bank!  It was T D!!

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