June 2023

June 1, 2023

Message From Our Teachers

And just like that it is suddenly June. Here we are nearing the end of the preschool year when it truly feels like we have only just begun! Our goal was to play, learn and grow together. Mission accomplished! With the warmest hearts we thank all of our families for a wonderful year of growth and understanding. Together we create what makes Queen’s Park Preschool extra special. Thank you for putting in the extra required to help our preschool be so wonderfully special. Every child counts and every parent matters. We teachers are here for and because of you. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have shared with us. We make a good team.

It makes sense that with every ending comes new beginnings. We are so very excited for all of our four and five year olds who are moving on to kindergarten, but most definitely we will miss each and everyone of you. Our three year olds of course will be returning and it is exciting to imagine how the summer months will help shape and prepare these little ones for the upcoming year. Everyone grows. We are also excited to welcome our new families for September 2023!

Thank you to our dedicated executive team, especially to our president Jen and our secretary Leanne. Words can not express our appreciation and gratitude for their helping us navigate the past year(s). The leadership and continuity these board members provided was immeasurably necessary and beneficial. Thank you to our class representatives as well. Your class reps played an integral role in helping share information and keep us all connected. Hats off to you dear class representatives! To every duty parent and every parent volunteer who carried out the task of their assigned parent job, thank you. Every role is important and every hardworking helping hand becomes a truly invested and caring hand. The heaviest loads are made lighter when we all pitch in. Thank you for pitching in.

Have a wonderful summer everyone. This is not goodbye, it is merely “see you later alligator!”

With respect and affection, your teachers.

Don’t forget to take a look at our social media profiles for glimpses of our days’ activities and interactions! Follow facebook.com/QPPSNewWest on Facebook and instagram.com/qppsnewwest on Instagram.

June Events and Important Dates

  • June 1st: Silly Hat and Hair Day for the 3s.
  • June 2nd: Silly Hat and Hair Day for the 4s.
  • June 3rd: QPPS Carnival from 6pm-8pm.
  • June 7th: Summertime Birthday Celebrations for the 4s.
  • June 8th: Summertime Birthday Celebrations for the 3s.
  • June 15th: Year End Party and Potluck for the 3s – 1 hour only.
  • June 16th: Year End Party, Potluck and Graduation for the 4s – 1 hour only. Congratulations, 4s!
  • June 15th and 16th are the last day of classes. See you in September!

Craft Corner: Father’s Day Fortune Teller

Let’s make a fun fortune teller for the fathers in our lives who are as cool and brave as superheroes.

Materials: Coloured paper, markers, and great fortune ideas!

1. Fold a square piece of paper in half to make a triangle. Open it up and refold the other way so that a cross forms in the middle of the square.

2. Fold each of the corners into the middle point.

3. Turn the paper over and fold the four corners into the middle point again.

4. Turn the paper over again so you can see four small squares. Fold in half each way.

5. Thread your fingers into the squares and pinch each side to form the fortune teller shape that will hold your fingers.

6. Unfold the fortune teller and add your messages or drawings about special things to do for Father’s Day.

7. Refold the fortune teller from steps 1-5, and let the special Dad in your life pick!

Happy Father’s Day!

How to Play:

Reading Room: Wonderful Summer!

Hot sun, shining sand, the sound of waves in the blue sea, cold slush and water play, camping, sweet marshmallows, cool watermelons and picnics. Aah – what season is as exciting as the countless words that come to mind when you think of summer? Enjoy the excitement of this wonderful time of year with these beautiful books. Have a great summer! And don’t forget – wear your sunscreen!

Ocean Life by Jill McDonald

Whoosh! by Marilyn Baillie

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp by Syd Hoff







We are always here to support you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our teachers.


QPPS teachers


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