June 2019

May 30, 2019

We can’t have a year-end newsletter without giving thanks. So bear with us, here we go!

  • We want to send the HUGEST thanks to Ms. Donna and Ms. Jana for all of their hard work this year!
  • The executive would also like to welcome Mr. Kelly to our team and thank him for joining us!
  •  We would also like to send a giant thank you to all of the parents for volunteering throughout the year and stepping up to help run the preschool!

And now in other news, we are moving the AGM financials to November instead of having them in May – an email went out about that earlier this month.

We want to wish everyone a happy summer and we can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Your Executive Team

Risky Play

Our June speaker is Dr. Ian Pike –  https://bcchr.ca/ipike. he will be speaking on “the importance of outdoor risky play.”

It used to be normal for children to spend long hours outdoors and away from watchful adults. Today’s children spend more time indoors, supervised, in structured activities, and in front of screens. The evidence is clear that children need regular and repeated access to outdoor play – with its risks – yet also indicates that children’s engagement in it has never been lower. There is an urgent need to reverse this concerning downward trend.

This interactive session will explore the causes and effects of changing childhoods on children’s health and development, as well as strategies to restore balance in cities, schools, recreation settings, early childhood centres and beyond.

Get Ready for September

Nothing says “organized” like having a jump on the next school year. For our final month of fundraising, parents can order Oliver’s Labels and Mabel’s labels. There will also be our last 50/50 draw and our last Big Brother’s pick up (clear out those closets for summer!).

Classroom Updates

During the past month in both of our 3s and 4s classes we have been thoroughly enjoying inside-outside days. We expect to finish out the year enjoying as much outdoor time as possible as long as the weather cooperates. Sun hats and closed toe shoes are a great idea. In both the 3s and 4s programs we celebrated the amazing moms in our lives! Sharing lemonade, bake treats, hugs and a little bit of dress up. Collectively, we all worked diligently on our art show projects. A great deal of hard work and creative energy has gone into our many group projects for our INSPIRED art show. Another highlight has been our eggs and incubator.  The chicks began hatching on May 21. So exciting to witness the miracle of nature!

Warmly, Ms. Donna

3-Year-Old Classroom Info

In our 3s we started our snail habitat after reading the book Slow Snail by Mary Murphy.  We love feeding the snails strawberries, carrots and cucumbers. We noticed that snails actually move pretty fast! We are learning about shelled gastropods. An interesting fact about snails – they don’t have ears, and they can not hear. But snails have an excellent sense of smell. A snail’s eyes are at the end of the tentacles on its head. Weird but wonderful!

Dates to remember:

  • Tuesday, June 4 Summer Birthday Celebrations
  • Thursday, June 6 Father’s Day Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Thursday, June 13 is our last day of preschool with a one hour potluck gathering. Morning class is 10:30-11:30 and afternoon class is 1:30-2:30. Siblings and extended family welcome.

On behalf of your teachers at QPPS, thank you all for a spectacular and memorable preschool year!

4-Year-Old Classroom Info

Ahoy matey’s! In our 4s we continued to explore our interest in pirates through stories, songs, map making, treasure hunting, eye patch and pirate hat making and plank walking. We even made two pirate ships to sail the briny seas. Using pirate language in pirate voices has been pretty fun too!

Dates to remember:

  • Monday, June 3 Summer Birthday Celebration
  • Friday, June 7 Father’s Day Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Friday, June 14 our last day of preschool with our Graduation and Potluck Morning class will run 10:30-11:30 afternoon class will run 1:30-2:30. Siblings and extended family welcome.

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