June 2018

May 30, 2018

From the President

Welcome, June! Wow! Where has the year gone?

We are ending the year with a bang with an exciting past month full of yard upgrades, the beautifully done art show at the New Westminster Art Gallery and our first year being involved with the Hyack Festival. With only a couple of weeks of school left, we have lots to be proud of and huge thanks to our community of parents, members, extended family, teachers and staff for all they have contributed over the school year.

It has been an absolute pleasure playing a role in the operations of the school and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing group of fellow Executives. A special shout-out to Marti Longstaff, VP, and Monica Hoover, Treasurer for their countless hours.

I am thrilled about the fresh group of people coming into the Executive and look forward to hearing about the preschool’s continued success.

Lastly, many thanks to the fantastic group of educators – the preschool would not have the reputation it does without you. Thank you!

Hoping to see many of you at the wrap-up event on Saturday, June 16th. Until then, enjoy watching your little ones as they attend their last classes!


How to Get your Kids to Eat

June is our final parent education session of the year! It’s been great to hear your feedback on our parent education program – one subject which parents have shown an interest in learning more about is childhood anxiety. Since we’re out of time to run another session this school year, I’d like to share this excellent resource with you – https://www.anxietybc.com/parenting/parent-child

This month we will host Rolande Barbon, who is a registered dietitian and fellow parent at Queen’s Park Preschool. Rolande will present “The Harmonious Table: Preschool Edition”. This education session will discuss how to foster enjoyable meals with our children free from mealtime struggles and “picky” eating habits. Rolande will outline factors that impact our children’s desire to eat new foods as well as how to set our children up for a lifetime of healthy eating. She will provide recommendations on how to Increase the variety of foods accepted by your child and will discuss how to eliminate struggles at meal and snack times. How to cultivate healthy relationships with food and preserving internal regulation will also be covered. This valuable information applies to school age children as well as the whole family!

Rolande is passionate about helping families grow well, play well and live well. She believes that the foundation for feeling great comes from nourishing our bodies with food that we love. Rolande has gained a wide range of experience over her many years as a dietitian. Through working in acute care hospitals, facilitating workshops, and providing nutrition counseling for families and individuals, she understands firsthand the vital role nutrition plays in healing, harmony, and health. Rolande prides herself in always providing evidence-based, sound nutrition advice while preserving the pleasure of eating.

Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

3-Year Old Classroom Information

May gorgeous May, what a busy but wonderful month. A month of celebration!  

During the month of May we celebrated our Moms and other special ladies in our lives that included a ladybug release in our garden, we hosted a fantastic art exhibit in the Gallery in The Park, together we refurbished our outdoor play space with fresh flowers and edible plantings, soil, bark mulch and sand and of course we celebrated MAY IS CHILDCARE MONTH!  

Throughout the month of May our focus was very much on getting ready for our 3rd annual art show THE KINDNESS CONNECTION and patiently waiting for our chicks to be born!  

The three year olds had a visit from community helpers.  It was so exciting to have a firefighter visit and a police officer visit! At the end of May we had a green shirt day with staff and children wearing our beautiful green QPPS t-shirts.  In June, we are celebrating our dads and other special males in our lives, we are welcoming the baby chicks and wrapping up the year with a wonderful potluck party.

Important dates to remember:  

  • Thursday, May 31: Green Shirt Day
  • Tuesday, June 5: Summer Birthdays Celebration
  • Tuesday, June 12: Father’s Day Celebration
  • Thursday, June 14: Last Day of Preschool

Ms. Donna and Ms. Lynda

4-Year Old Classroom Information

Thanks to all the families and teachers who have volunteered during our Garden Party, our outdoor yard looks magnificent! With the summer-like weather, children have been choosing to spend the majority of their time outdoors during Inside-Outside Days, and educators have been doing group time in the forest! During outdoor play, the children continue to investigate the properties of herbs in our edible garden. The outdoor art area is also a very popular area for loose-parts creations, easel paintings, and drawings. A new addition that the children have been exploring balance and coordination with are Tin Can Stilts! It has been a blast watching the children as they try to get their hands, feet, ropes, and tins to work together (all at the same time)!

Our Breakfast with Loved Ones was a fun celebration, and a great time for our preschool community to come together and spend time with each other. The children enjoyed making Bath Soaks with their families, and we are happy to hear that nobody (that we are aware of) turned green or purple during the Mother’s Day weekend as the gifts were enjoyed!

Besides spending all our time outdoors, in the month of May, we welcomed Chick Eggs into our classroom! We have been checking on the eggs and reviewing the Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set daily to see what stage the eggs are in, and patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch!

This month has also been a very art-focused month as we prepared for our Art Show at the The Gallery In The Park. The children have been very busy finishing off their year-long project work of the Spider-Web-Tree by thinking of ways to make it more Spring and Summer-like. The children used tracing skills that they have acquire through the year to show their ideas on felt, a material that they are familiar in making two-dimensional designs with. As we introduced sewing to children, it expanded on their existing skills as they embellished the fabric using colourful embroidery thread and smaller pre cut felt shapes.

We continued our discussion from Earth Day with regards to ways of taking care of our environment. The children have been asked to question the use of straws, and other plastic materials in our environment. They have been finding ways on reusing materials by making various types of art using found materials. This can be seen by their recycled-material Painted Cans sculptures, their nature vs man-made Branch & Straws sculptures, and their natural Rock Paintings.

To end the month, we will be having a firefighter visit and a Queen’s Park Preschool Green Shirt Day!

Lastly, we can’t believe there’s only two more weeks of preschool before we say goodbye to our Four’s Classes! Let the countdown begin as we approach June’s Summer Birthday Celebrations, Fire Hall Visit, Picnic on the Hill, and the last day of class.

Ms. Queenie & Ms. Donna


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