January 2020

January 1, 2020

Message from our Executive Board

Happy New Year and welcome back to all our families! We hope everyone had a memorable holiday season.


  • General Meeting January 7th at 7pm, please send one member of your family to attend. Bring cash, we will have wine and beer for sale as well as raffle. 
  • We are gearing up for a fresh year with our annual Open House for incoming families. Help us spread the word in the community! Mark your calendars for January 21st from 4pm – 7pm – children are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Message from our Teachers

First of all, teachers would like to say thank you to all the families. We had such an amazing fall and winter school year, and it wouldn’t be the same without your help and contribution! We hope everybody who could make it had a wonderful time at the Holiday Potluck Party and enjoyed the holiday gift that the children worked hard to make! Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts to the teachers! We were so grateful and felt loved :). Have a wonderful rest of Winter Break! We’re excited to see you all in the New Year! Happy New Year to everybody!

Here is what we’ve done in December and what we’re going to do in January!

3’s Class

It was such a short month in December, but we had a holly jolly month together! Decorating our tree and making sparkly cookies and cupcakes with glitter play-doh were some of the popular activities in December. 

Another activity that the children loved was mixing and sorting colours. We explored colours by using a projector, goop and food colouring, paintings, funny felt stories, Marshmallow (the white monster!) and his colourful pants, rainbow silly jelly beans, and a book “Mouse Paint”. It was fun to watch how  all the colours were mixed up together, and we were excited to see when the colours changed many times!

When “It looked Like Spilt Milk” was read at circle time, we laughed at what the spilt milk looked like. We got inspired by our amazing imaginations!

Exploring with flash lights is always a fun activity! It was so much fun to hide in the playhouse loft area pretending that we were hiding from aliens that are hanging from the ceiling. Some children were struggling with the hand crank flashlight to make it work, but it was good practice for them to use their fine motor skills!

Playing doctor was a huge hit for this month! After we enjoyed the baby bath activity last month, we continued playing with baby dolls and other toys based on what the children usually do in our playhouse area. They started playing doctor taking care of the baby dolls, but soon they started playing patient too. It was fun to watch them assign their roles and build up the stories of the patients and doctors.

Playing with little animal figures was popular this month. Children loved the little tree house and playing with the little animal figures. They kept making the little figures fall from the little holes in the tree house. Maybe the children are interested in gravity…? We can definitely introduce “gravity” with a variety of activities in January! Also, more fun special days are coming up in January!  Teachers will send updates to you soon :). This month we’ll also introduce our “Classroom Stuffy” which is visiting your house soon! More information to come, so stay-tuned!

4’s Class

December was such a short month! It went by so quickly while we were wrapping up the our skeleton figure project that we’ve been working on and the holiday gift for families!

Exploring lights and shadows with the projector and flashlights was a huge hit! This exploration connected with our discussion of aliens too. Also, we pretended to go on a search mission to decode and find out the secret hidden messages.

Teachers have noticed that many children were interested in printing their names and being aware of alphabets in general. We started the alphabet soup activity at the water table and practiced printing names on the fancy name cards. We celebrated their ability and enthusiasm for their knowledge of the alphabet! We read a story about rhyming, and a book called “Rhyme Crime” which made us laugh a lot!

Some children worked very hard to make complicated construction work with Straws and Connectors toys. Teachers were so proud that the children from all the classes respected their hard work to keep it as it was built originally.

Puppet theatre was another popular area for 4’s class. Many children enjoyed performing and making unique stories with the puppets. We’d like to share some of it at the General Meeting in January with a slideshow!

We started talking about the “Classroom Stuffy” during circle time. Each child will have a chance to bring Our “Classroom Stuffy” home starting in January!

Teachers are planning more special days next month too! We will definitely work on a dinosaur skeleton activity, also we’re looking forward to seeing what children have been curious about after winter break! 

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