February 2019

January 30, 2019

From the Executive

It’s that time of year again! Registration dates are coming up for the 2019/2020 school year at the preschool.

  • February 5th, 6:30pm – current families
  • February 6th, 7pm – alumni families
  • February 9th, 4pm – new families

And looking to April, Silent Auction donations are now being accepted. Please return your donation along with the donation form by March 15. This year we are also accepting cash donations in lieu of a tangible item. Any cash donation over $100 will be given a donation receipt. Items can be left in the “auction” box outside the teachers office at the preschool, cash or cheques can be left in either Colby’s (4AM) or Ella’s (3AM) mailbox. We are all looking forward to a fun event!

Introducing Mindfulness to the Early Years

How do we as parents create an environment that not only engages young children but creates a culture of peace? How do we encourage ‘slowing-down’ without turning it into another behaviour to police? Learn strategies on how to build skills in stress-reduction, explore ways to transform routine into ritual, and foster compassionate ways of being that empower the whole family.

Josephine Chan is our presenter for the February GM. She is an early childhood specialist, working with researchers in human development and social-emotional learning. An attachment theorist at heart, Josephine regards yoga and mindfulness as a perfect vehicle for building meaningful relationships with others, and security within oneself. Founder of Metta Kids Yoga, her mission is to empower each inner-child with loving-kindness in order to plant seeds for resilient communities. Josephine has been teaching young people as young as 2, to grown-up children (otherwise known as adults!), since 2001. Josephine also trains school teachers in incorporating yoga, mindfulness and living inquiry into the school day, bringing with her experience as a classroom teacher, and her research work from Capilano University’s School of Education and Childhood Studies. Connect with Josephine at www.josephinechan.ca.

In addition to hearing from Josephine at the GM, she will be part of QPPS for February classes. Here is a note from her to the parents:

Dearest QPPS Community,

I’m so excited to be sharing yoga with your children, and would like to offer my sincerest gratitude for welcoming me into the QPPS community. The word Metta means Loving-kindness. I created Metta Kids Yoga to promote skills for positive mental health through movement and mindfulness, because I believe resilient communities begin with children who are empowered with loving-kindness. So… what does this have to do with yoga? In the upcoming Parent Ed night, we will delve into how kids’ yoga is fundamentally a practice in loving-kindness to oneself and others, through finding stillness in the body, mind and heart. Through songs, games and stories, your children will explore how patience, strength, balance and compassion feels in the body. We will link emotional literacy with breath work and mindfulness tools so that when challenging times arise, you and your children will be able to tap into strategies that allow for that all important pause before a reaction. I look forward to building upon your school culture that supports health and wellbeing. Until then, please connect with me through www.mettakidsyoga.com.

In Metta,

3-Year-Old Classroom Update

In the 3s we have been…

counting buttons with Pete the Cat, discovering what moon sand feels like, practicing kindness, creating skyscapes, working collaboratively on a collage for our art exhibit, caring for Wind and Windy, sculpting with playdough and feathers, colouring with metallics, tick tocking like cuckoo clocks, jump – a -rooing, discussing stars and planets, losing our mittens, feeling inspired by the art in the gallery, learning that listening happens with our whole body, breathing with our breathing buddies, yoga-posing and making new friends.  

Dates to Remember:

  • February 7, 14, 21 & 28  – Yoga
  • February 21 – Art Gallery Visit
  • February 26 – Nature Walk
  • February 28- Pink Shirt Day

Ms. Donna and Ms. Lyn

4-Year-Old Classroom Update

Last month our 4s enjoyed a visit from Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation (O.W.L.) in which we met a small falcon named Johnny and a large, barred owl named Pokey. We also visited the art gallery and viewed the permanent collection that is currently hanging there.

Together we created abstract art using wax, pencil crayons and oil pastels. The weather has been so chilly. It was nice to have a warm and cozy pajama day and make hot chocolate together! It is a beautiful thing to see budding connections and friendships blooming.

Our 4s classes are flourishing and settling into a lovely rhythm. The teachers see such growth and maturity at this time of year and we get really excited about the days and months ahead. During the month of February our 4s will explore friendship, kindness, love and family. It is the month we recognise Family Day and Valentine’s Day and Pink Shirt Day after all!

The teachers desire to impart a sense of gratitude and mindfulness in all we do and a wonderful way to do this is with breath work and yoga. We are looking forward to meeting with Josephine from Metta Kids Yoga. Josephine will be bringing her songs, games and stories to QPPS and help us continue to empower the children with loving kindness, mindfulness and a sense of community within our playroom. Recently the teachers have introduced the concept of whole body listening and we are incorporating language around respectful listening using all of our body parts.

Dates to Remember:

  • Closed for Family Day on Monday, February 18

Ms. Donna and Ms. Lyn

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