February 2014

January 28, 2014

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From the President

Wow!  February already. I hope you are all as excited as I am about a night out on March 8! The team is doing a great job organizing the Silent Auction and I would like to thank those who have offered to help the fundraising team, it is much appreciated.

We had an open house on January 23 and it was a big success.  We are all feeling very positive about enrollment this year as we have a Marketing Coordinator who has put together posters and flyers that have been seen all around the city.  Thank you Frances!  The open house had a lot of volunteers and I would like to thank all of them for helping out so much.  The teachers appreciated your help and had commented on how we came together as a preschool community and made the event happen 🙂

Finally, I wanted to provide some feedback about the Survey Monkey that was put out a couple of weeks ago.  Our kids go to an amazing preschool with terrific teachers and this was echoed throughout the survey.  My favourite comment was simply put….’I heart QPP”.  Thank you teachers for being you and thank you membership for being there to support the teachers and your fellow members.  We all play a part in this school community and everyone is doing a great job.  Members are very happy with fundraising efforts and very happy with the social events that have been planned and are looking forward to more in the future.

Gung Hey Fat Choy!

There is a Chinese saying “A good horse never turns its head to eat the grass behind.” So in this year of the horse, look ahead – not back. Here are some family-friendly ways to take in the celebrations (or to fill up some time on the weekend).

1. Chinese New Year Parade: February 2
The Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown will have lion dancers, marching bands, martial arts acts, and decorated floats. The parade will be on Sunday, February 2 at 11am at the Millennium Gate on Pender Street. This is a free event.

2. Chinese New Year at FlyOver Canada: Until March 2
New for this Chinese New Year is the Chinese ride film “Flight of the Dragon” at FlyOver Canada at Canada Place. This virtual flight experience (complete with wind, scents, and mist) is a look at China’s landscapes and culture. On until March 2, from 10am to 9pm daily. Admission is $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for kids (kids must be at least 40 inches to ride).

3. LunarFest: February 7-9
This arts and culture event features live theatre, drum performances, story-telling, workshops, games, and traditional food and drink. LunarFest is family-friendly and it’s free. On from February 7-9, from 11am-7pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza.

4. Year of the Horse at International Village MallJanuary 30- February 2
The International Village Mall, (formally known as Tinseltown), has various festivities that include live performances, culinary delights, prizes, and an opportunity to purchase Chinese New Year souvenirs and gifts, on from January 30 – February 2. Admission is free.

5. Year of the Horse Temple Fair: February 2
To celebrate traditional Chinese New Year, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden presents a public event based on the Spring Festival temple fair where people entertain, trade, greet, celebrate and pray for a prosperous new year. There are traditional Chinese games and activities, fortune-telling, live music, food, and drinks. There’s also a children’s corner for the kids to run around and yell to scare away evil spirits. February 2, from 10am-4pm. Admission is by donation.

IMPORTANT: Parent/Teacher Interviews

A huge benefit of Parent Participation Preschool is that we can communicate regularly (and often daily) with you and share highlights with you about your child, and discuss any concerns that you might have as well. Even though this happens, every year we do offer times to do more official “Parent/Teacher Conferences” for those families that wish to meet.

For the 3s: Tuesday, February 18 from approximately 3 – 6 pm.
For the 4s: Tuesday, February 18 from 3 – 6:30pm.

If you are interested in signing up for a 15 minutes time slot, please do so at the sign-in table.

NEW!!! Silent Auction Information

Our annual Silent Auction is coming up very soon! Our team is working hard to make this event successful for the preschool and enjoyable for the parents and friends. We have mailed out more than 300 letters to businesses in New Westminster and the neighbouring cities. We are zooming around to pick up donations and dropping off more donation forms. We are trying our best for quotes on rental items, food, beverages and even insurance. We also learn to thicken our skin a bit and boldly ask for sponsorship and donation when we think there is even a slight chance that something might come our way. All for the kids. Yes, as cliche as it sounds, this is all for the kids. For we love Queens Park Preschool and we love the way our children enjoy themselves here. We love the way our children grow being loved by amazing teachers. And we love how we, as parents, get to make friends as we dish out snack, wash little hands and wipe glue from tables. So, let’s make this event GREAT.

For registered families, please bring your donation to Preschool WITH the donation form FILLED and ATTACHED to your donation. If you have more than one donation, please prepare one form PER donation. There ARE goodies waiting if donations are in by Valentine’s day.

If you would like to help out, there are a lot of opportunities. Starting February 5, a volunteer sign up sheet will be placed right beside the sign-in sheet at Preschool. Please take take a look at the different areas that need volunteers and sign up!

We are selling a limited number of tickets to your family and friends. Registered family has 2 tickets each already. So, if you need ADDITIONAL tickets, they will be $10.00 each. Please send me an email (moirachow@gmail.com) if you need one. Tickets will be available starting third week of February.

The Silent Auction team needs your help to come up with these items to use for the Auction. If you wish to have the item returned to you, please label your item CLEARLY.

Things needed:

  • baskets
  • basket fillers
  • little twinkling Christmas lights
  • big, BIG, coolers
  • big platters to place finger food
  • big bowls to hold chips

We also need a mic and 2 speakers. If you have information on how to this, please contact Moira as soon as possible.

A copy of the donation form to be completed by every QPPS family was placed in each child’s box at the preschool. Please fill out the Donation_Form_2014 (1) and attach it to your family’s donation for the silent auction.  Moira has placed an example of a completed donation form up on the wall at the preschool in case you would like to see a completed form.  If anyone has any questions regarding how to complete the form, or any other donation related questions, please contact Kelly (jason.kelly.thomson@gmail.com).  Donations can be brought to the preschool and left with the teachers. The deadline for the family donations is February 14.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUpcoming Social Gatherings

QPPS Family Day Nature Walk & Scavenger Hunt 

When: February 10 – 1:30-3pm
Where: Glenbrook Ravine

Why not gather up the kids and head out for an afternoon of mingling with your class mates on a fun filled walk along the Glenbrook Ravine. The walk way is stroller-friendly with lots to see and explore.

We will meet at the Glenbrook Drive entrance to the trail just off 6th

Map of Meeting Place

There will be a small “Can you See Can you Find” Scavenger hunt for all the kids so they can explore and do a little learning along the way. Glenbrook Ravine Park features beautiful horticultural exhibits with a pond, falls, bridge, trees and flower beds. Hope to see you there!

Still to come…
There will be more details to follow on these events – but put these dates on your radar.

Family Fun at the Arenex (Private Event)
March 19
1-2:30 pm
All ages up to 6
Price: $5 per family
The Amazing QPPS Race
May 31
This is going to be the coolest family friendly event that everyone will be wanting to get involved in.
Price: $15 per family to enter.

mott84_8402271Parent Education News

Coming up for February
Our next QPPS General Meeting is on Tuesday, February 4.  Our parent education topic for this month is Play With Purpose – Building Reading Readiness Skills with Nicola Lott from Notch Hill Learning.  This will be an interactive session incorporating presentation, group work, and discussion covering the topics of types of play, the mind of a preschooler, timeline for early literacy and fun ways to support literacy skills. 

Coming up For March
Catherine Evashuk will be joining us to talk about The ABCs of Sex Education: How to talk with kids about sex at the March 4 General Meeting.  This is a topic that concerns all caregivers and Catherine suggests that this would be a good parent education session for both parents, nannies, grandparents and others to attend, if possible, so that everyone is on the same page about sexual health education.

There are a limited number of tickets that will be sold for the February and March presentations to people outside the Queens Park Membership.  Tickets are $10 each and can be arranged through Tasha.  Please invite other parents in your network who might benefit from a night of learning.

If you have any questions about parent education, please contact Tasha at 604-526-5527 or tashamurray@outlook.com.

MC900297527Fundraising Update

Hey everybody. I’m sure like me you’re all looking forward to a great second half of the preschool year.  Thanks to everyone’s fundraising efforts so far, which have gone a long way to helping provide the great program we’ve become accustomed to over the past few months – almost $5,000 raised to date.

With 2014, our focus tends to rightly shift to the upcoming Silent Auction in March.  I would encourage everyone to help support Moira and her team pull off an amazing event.

Meanwhile, a couple of our programs continue to run in the background.  Gift cards and Meat Pies will be distributed at the February meeting.  For this month, Gift card orders will be accepted up until February 14 for delivery in March.  I encourage anyone who may not have participated in this program yet to have a second look.  Without too much effort, you can help the preschool out a lot by ordering gift cards that appeal to you and your family.  Meat Pies continue to be incredibly popular, but we’ll take a month off in February, with the next order due March 21 for delivery in April.

Some of our hockey pool participants continue to get richer; alas I am not one of those.  For those participating, a reminder that there will not be a February monthly winner due to the Olympic break, but the next winner will be for the period of February 1 through March 31.

And finally, please bring your old clothes to the meeting next week.  We accept clothing donations at every meeting – an easy way to clean out your closets and help the preschool at the same time.

Any thoughts, questions, or concerns?  Feel free to contact to me at garth.r.graham@gmail.com.

MP9001754793-Year Old Class Information

After the break, the children came back ready for some new adventures at preschool. We started the month of January a few areas of focus: Babies (as there are so many preschool families with babies or soon to have babies!), ice and “cold weather animals” (as we have not had much snow but many of the children have talked about going to the mountains), and an Obstacle Course .

We have noticed that many of the children were wonderful nurturers – caring for dollies, rocking them, feeding them bottles (even remembering to warm the bottles up first on the pretend stove!) and of course, bathing the dollies (rather wet, but very fun). The obstacle course changed regularly –  even a bell was added to the ceiling, so the children could ring it once they were at the top of the ladder. At the obstacle course, we could encourage turn-taking and as well as practice and build the confidence it takes to balance on boards and beams and climb “high”. The children have also enjoyed the ice trays, with penguin and polar bears, especially when the ice would start to melt and there were small pools of water for the animals to swim in.

To encourage the interest if climbing and the confidence that it gives as well as working and creating together, we will create a “BIG PAINTING WALL”. This wall will be completely covered in thick paper and then we will provide various types of tools to paint with, different colours of paint, as well as different levels(stools, ladders) so that the children can paint “high up”. This wall will change from day to day….so please come in and see our creation. We will also continue to experiment with ice, and create a larger “Ice and Water” river with the children. To help us with this project, if you are able to freeze larger blocks/containers of ice in your home freezer and bring it in to preschool, that would be great. Feel free to sink treasures in the water (plastic animals, rocks, jewels – let us know if you need them back) before you freeze the container. It is very exciting to see something emerge from the ice as it melts!

As Valentine’s Day is also approaching, we would prefer to keep things rather simple. If you and your child would like to hand out Valentine Cards, feel free to do so on February 13. (Please do not feel that you have to hand out cards) If you do hand out cards, please ensure that there is one for each child (in the 3am class you will need 19 and in the 3pm class you will need 16) A way to keep delivery of the cards simpler, is to not address the card to anyone specific, but just write “From your child’s name”, and then they can be easily delivered into the children’s mailboxes. Please come into the classroom about 10 minutes early to help your child deliver the cards.

Happy February!

Your teachers,
Teacher Barb and Teacher Eleanor

Recycled/Natural Items for the month:

  • Small laundry scoops
  • Smooth rocks

Things to Remember:

  • Please remember to check to make sure that your child’s indoor shoes still fit.
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews on February 18 (please check sign-up sheet for times if you are interested)

pete4-Year Old Class Information

The 4’s have come back to school in full swing after the Winter Break. Our trips to the local fire hall and a visit from a fire-fighter dad (Rob Araujo, 4pm) in December are still fresh in the children’s minds as fire-fighter play continues to be very popular. Pretend fires have been popping up all over the preschool and our firefighters are dressed in their turn-out gear and ready to go when needed. The costumes are embellished daily with various accessories including masks, oxygen tanks, hoses, and of course, cardboard trucks. If anyone needs a ice pack or a band-aid during class time, be sure to call your friendly child firefighter, he or she will be there in a jiffy, ready to help!

We had a great time getting ready for the holidays! Thank you to Jeff Walker who put together wooden trees for the children to decorate and take home as gifts for their families. Another popular activity was foot painting and prints we used to make “mistletoes”. You can find your child’s mistletoe prints in their Year-End Books at the preschool. They loved having their feet painted, printed, and washed in warm, soapy water by a mom or dad on duty. Some children came back 5 times to have another chance to enjoy the experience. This past month we repeated the activity listening and dancing to “Pete the Cat” by Eric Litwin. We’ve been reading multiple sequels to “Pete the Cat” ever since!

Congratulations to the Bautista family on the arrival of Kenzie! Coraline’s sister arrived in December safe and sound. Babies (even those in bellies) are a popular part of drop off and pick up times, so much so that we thought our pretend babies could use a little extra TLC. So, we asked our resident experts and made a list of supplies babies need and tried to get as many of those items together as possible. Babies were bathed and dried, fed and bottled, diapered and clothed and strapped into carriers for walks to the doctor’s office and around the preschool. It was a lot of fun talking about babies and all the things they need, including big brothers and sisters, friends and family to teach about caring and sharing and, most of all, love!

Your children have also been really enjoying the indoor obstacle courses, yoga lessons from our gorilla, the statue game, performing on stage and with puppets, and making their own playdough. We’re planning to do more activities like these in the months to come.

We wanted to remind the 4’s to register for Kindergarden! Yes folks, it’s that time! Here is a link to the New Westminster School District Registration Procedure info (other cities my require different information, so check your local School District website for specific requirements):

We realize Christmas has probably been tucked away for a while now, but this we wanted to share with you. This is a commercial for an employee owned department store in the UK. It’s a couple years old now, but I was reminded of it while making your Christmas presents with your children. (John Lewis commercials are much anticipated in England every year, the one for 2013 is good too, watch it with your children!) Enjoy!


Moment of the month: (it happened again!)

Girl goes inside to use the bathroom. When finished, she comes out of the stall, takes off her gloves, and washes her hands. (We will be taking their mittens and gloves off before they go inside from now on!)

Your teachers,
Jenny and Jessica

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