December 2022

December 1, 2022

Message From Our Teachers

November has been a cold and wet month at preschool. We experienced our first snow of the season! The pyjama and hot chocolate days were a highlight for the children. We look forward to repeating that in December!

We finished up our pumpkin activities at the start of the month with painting, hammering pegs into the pumpkins, cutting pumpkins open, exploring the insides, and using pumpkins to stamp.

For acknowledgement of Remembrance day, we did poppy stamping with red paint and decorated our classroom. You would have seen the black and red art displayed in the class this month.

The 4 year olds had the opportunity to measure, pour and mix to make their own playdough. We added jello powder for colour and fragrance. Now we need to remember not to eat it!

As we continue to learn social skills in class, the collaboration using the giant blocks and the negotiating that started to happen, was great to see. All the classes are still exploring the many ways to use the blocks.

The children have been practising cutting with scissors and they are showing amazing skill and improvement. We will continue more cutting activities in December.

We are looking forward to a lot of fun and play to happen in the last 3 weeks before the Christmas break. Our last class in the 3s will be on the 15th and the 4s on the 16th. We will have a one hour Christmas party on those days.

– Your QPP teachers

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December Events and Important Dates

**The school is closed for the holidays from December 19th to January 2nd, 2023 and will reopen on January 3rd.**

  • December 3rd: Santa pictures at QPPS (reservation required).
  • December 6th: Growing Smiles fundraiser pickup at QPPS.
  • December 15th: Last class of 2022 for 3s and Christmas party!
  • December 16th: Last class of 2022 for 4s and Christmas party!

Executive Message

Hello families!

Here we are, gearing up for a busy holiday season! We are so thankful for all of you and hope that your holiday season is spent enjoying time with family and friends. Remember your preschool friends over the holiday break – reach out and have play dates! Some of my favourite memories spent with my kids are from hot chocolate & tobogganing play dates with friends from preschool.

Once we’re back in January, keep an eye out for September 2023 registration information! We will open to current families first and then to new families.

See you in January!

Jennifer Wiebe

Craft Corner: Holiday Cards

Materials: Coloured markers, scissors, glue, shape frames, plain paper, coloured paper.

1. Fold the plain paper in half to make a card.
2. Cut the coloured paper into long stick shapes of various sizes to make a tree or other fun shapes.
3. Make a tree shape by attaching the stick coloured paper to the card according to its size, or attach the various shapes for your creation.
4. Decorate the tree or shapes by adding drawings, stickers, or pictures.
5. Write a heartfelt message and send your holiday card to a loved one!

Here is some inspiration for fun drawings to try for your cards:

Reading Room: Winter Celebrations

This time of year brings many celebrations from around the globe. Check out these fun titles to get ready for the winter season and to learn about different festivities.

Holidays & Celebrations (Shine-A-Light) by Carron Brown

Bear’s Winter Party by Deborah Hodge









We are always here to support you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our teachers.


QPPS teachers

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