April 2013

April 2, 2013

A Note from the President

Spring is HERE!!  I know I am not the only one excited about the warmer temperatures, sunshine and blue sky. My kids have been having great time out in the backyard during the last week without me nagging them to put on their coats. Our neighbours have quite a selection of plants and flowers to be added in their front garden and hearing the motor of the lawn mower brings a smile to my face. Believe it or not, I actually opened some windows in our living room today!

Nothing quite excites the whole neighbourhood than the coming of spring. We shred our winter jackets and dare to venture out with just one layer of fleece. We enjoy strolling a few blocks down the streets for coffee instead of driving an extra 10 minutes in search of the nearest drive-thru Starbucks. Somehow, the message “it is possible” blows through the air in the warm breeze.

What is possible? Items on my list include SUCCESSFULLY potty-training my youngest child, de-cluttering the two storage (aka “junk”) rooms in the basement, and – oh yeah – attempting to get into an exercise that I look forward to doing everyday.

And with the nice weather we are having, even cleaning up the house seems fun! How great is that! So, I hope you all have a great time welcoming spring in your household.


Fundraising News and Updates

Thank you all parents for your support in our fundraising endeavours so far this year.

Big Brothers Clothing Drive – please bring all of you bags of second hand clothes, boots, shoes, linens, purses, and belts to the next General Meeting on April 2nd.

Shopping Cards – The next shopping card orders will go in on April 3rd.  Cut off for ordering is also at the General Meeting on April 2nd.  Order forms are at the preschool.

Adams Meat Pies – the meat pie orders that were in by the 26th of March will be delivered on the 2nd of April.


Thank you to all the Fundraising Team members, executive members and QPPS Families who participated in planning, organizing and executing such a wonderful event!

Congratulations to Monica Evans who won the first pick ticket at the last GM. Monica came to the event early and chose her winning prize – the BOPOMO photo session & membership. We hope you enjoy and get some really great baby pictures!

We had a great turn out with 172 people in attendance. Thank you all for coming and bringing your friends! Congratulations to the Lister family who won the 50/50 draw.

Profit to the preschool from the 50/50 draw was: $495

We had so many wonderful door prizes donated that we did not have enough time to hand them all out. The remaining door prizes will be handed out at the next GM. Ensure you get your name in the bucket before the meeting starts to be included in the door prize draw which will be drawn half way through the meeting.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the bar choices – thank you Christi & Marilyn for looking after all of this and to all volunteers who worked selling tickets and serving at the kitchen / bar area. Thank you also to Binpal & Associates for providing water for the event.

Also many thanks to our sponsors this year – both community sponsors and event sponsors – what a wonderful addition. We hope that those present will remember your support, share this with others and support your businesses.


Binpal and Associates help people make real sense of legal matters of every type.  They have provided valued guidance to commercial clients and personal direction in real estate as well as will and estate matters. Whatever legal assistance you may be looking for, you can count on Binpal & Associates.

Dave Vallee and his team are committed to going the extra mile to ensure all your needs are successfully met in a professional and honest manner.  When you are looking to buy or sell your home, remember TEAM DAVE VALLEE.

Let Beesafe Solutions prepare you and your family for the unexpected so you can focus on everything else.  The comprehensive selection of 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kits, First Aid Kits and essential emergency supplies are designed for busy people, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Whether you have a large family, live alone or need to prepare your school, daycare or office, BeeSafe Solutions is the place to call.


FIRST PICK – profit to preschool $560
TICKET SALES – profit to preschool $450
LIVE AUCTION – brought in $3325
SILENT AUCTION ITEMS – we are at:  $12,387
BAR SALES (pop, water & alcohol) profit $742.26
AFTER EVENT Sales (so far):  $75

I would again like to thank the whole team of people, who have worked together to make this event so successful.

SPECIAL THANKS to the fundraising team of: Marilyn Araujo, Christi Arellano, Pauline Chan, Monica Evans, Garth Graham, Christina Marino, Giuliana Murray, Katie Scheibler and Alexandra Kostadinov.

And to Suki Bains, Nancy Boehmer, Moira Chow, Robin Goyan, Lena Jerabek, Johanna Swanson, Kim Thomas and Grace Yang – what a great executive that I have been able to call on when needed.

To the teachers – I thank you all for your support, your assistance and your patience especially on the evening of the event. Teacher Jenny and Jessica – you were fantastic at the cash out area. Thank you for making things run as smoothly as they did.

It really does take a whole team and I feel blessed to have been part of such a supportive team.  Let’s continue to work together to make the rest of the year’s fundraising endeavours fun and profitable.

Kathleen Carlsen
2012-2013 Fundraising Co-ordinator

A Special Guest

We want to give a warm welcome to our ECE practicum student, Mabel, to our preschool. Mabel will be doing her third practicum with us throughout the month of April. We look forward to the songs, stories and activities that she will share with us. When you are on your next duty day please make sure that you introduce yourself to Mabel, and also give her some extra support when learning the names of the children and the routines of the preschool, and while she is implementing activities.

Recycling Reminders

Just a little note to parents about recycling and where things go:
The Blue Bin – Recycling material (paper, plastic, cardboard,…)
Green Bin – Food (compost from the kitchen counter and the green bin at snack), used paper towels (collected in the bathroom and the area near the art sink).

When in doubt don’t try to guess, just ask a teacher!

Special Save the Date

Can you believe that Mothers’ Day is fast approaching! Please save the date for something special – the 3’s is May 9 and the 4’s is May 10.

3 Year Old Class Information

We hope that everyone had a great Spring Break. It was wonderful to enjoy some sunny days!

During the past month the children created a large paper mache tree (with a spot for a nest!) and enjoyed painting on the large “painting wall”. It was a unique experience for many of the children to climb a ladder and use a paint roller. We also introduced tubes and marbles, where the children could create their own maze with the tubes, and then have marbles roll through them. Many of the children also thoroughly enjoyed doing shadow play, with the overhead projector, watching their own shadow “jump” off the stage. We finished off the month by having a fun Easter Egg Hunt.

We have noticed an interest in our bird puppets, so during the month of April we will begin to focus on birds, eggs and nests (and the beauty of Springtime!). We will also continue on investigating the science of motion as we explore the tubes and marbles more and as we introduce how pendulums work – we may do a bit more work on the ladders for this! Our practicum student Mabel will be sharing some ideas and implementing activities, which we are very excited about. As the weather becomes warmer, we will have more “Inside/Outside” days. On these days the double doors will be open and the children will be able to explore activities both inside and outside.

We also wanted to remind you to save the date for our “Mother’s Day Social”. It will be held on Thursday, May 9 during the last 30 minutes of class… more information to follow.

Happy Spring!
From Teacher Barb and Teacher Eleanor

4 Year Old Class Information

Hooray for Spring! It is so good to see the sunshine! March was a rainy month to start, but we still had some fun and memorable times. For starters, we looked to the lists we made of things the children wanted to talk about and had some pretty unique circle times. It was interesting learning about the characters of Hotel Transylvania and incorporating unicorns together with hockey and crocodiles, but we managed to find songs, stories and activities to learn about them!

In addition, we completed our group paper maché project: a big cloud to hang over the circle carpet.  So far the cloud has “rained” prisms, some of which we took outside to use to bend sunlight and split it into multiple colours. Back inside, a rainbow appeared just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. You may have heard about our elusive visitor to the preschool. Someone left green footprints all over the room and in our rainbow trap we caught not a leprechaun, but a wee bit of his golden treasure! The hunt is still on at the school, join us if you’re feeling lucky!

More rainbow experiments were to be had with Ginny and Carole as they mixed colours with milk and dish soap. No hand mixing required as the opposite polarities of the soap molecules raced around trying to bond with the fat molecules in the milk. It’s a frenzy of colour, and something fun to try at home too.

We also took some tiny dentist mirrors with us on our nature walk to the rose garden. This way we could look under leaves and petals and things. We will be going again in a couple months to see if more colours have emerged.

We will end our month with our traditional egg hunt and visits from a bunny to the afternoon class, and a spring lamb to the morning class. Each are pets brought from family’s homes.

In  April, we be talking about oceans (an idea from our children’s lists) and be welcoming three people guests for the month.  A practicum student will enrich our program with her presence and ideas, and the notorious Mr. Trevor will be teaching us dance every Wednesday, accompanied musically by Mr. Dwayne. Please have your child(ren) wear pants, shorts, or leggings, but keep your child’s bare feet accessible for dancing. Also, bring a different sort of topping April 22nd as we will be reading “Pete’s A Pizza” and having a pizza day! We will share more information about all of these things at the General Meeting on April 2nd.

A link to the lyrics and music for Raffi’s “Baby Beluga” (a multi-generational favourite):

Moment of the Month:
Moms on duty having a conversation about life in general:
Mom 1-“I guess I should weigh the pros and cons.”
Mom 2, (happens to be pregnant)- “Oh yeah, I just love frozen prawns!”



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