December 2020

  • December 2020

    Message from our teachers November went by so quickly! We had so many special days to acknowledge and celebrate together. It was such a pleasure to share Remembrance Day and Diwali at preschool. We made poppy pins with big red circles and small green circle stickers and spent time looking at the photos of our peace makers who maintain world safety. During the Diwali celebration, we all enjoyed the coloured rice and paper collage rangoli art, decorating diyas, clay oil lamp dish and paper lanterns, and floating paper flower activities and special Diwali colouring. We had our snack with diya candles in the centre of the table. The children loved it and it definitely made us feel so special and magical during snack time. We were very happy to celebrate and share Diwali together In 3’s class, we’ve been enjoying musical instruments, Duplo, turtles in the sand table. We also enjoyed pumpkin stamping and forest animals with autumn leaves. We heard some children are talking about the scenery outside and crunchy leaves and it was fun to bring some leaves inside the preschool to take a closer look with magnifying glass and play with the woodland animal figures. Some children were […]

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