April 2014

April 1, 2014


Jo’s Tidbits

Thank you…..Thank you…..Thank you! My message is simple this month… I want to take the time to thank everyone who helped out with the silent auction.  It was a great success and we could not have done it without the hard work of so many people 🙂  The membership, the teachers and most importantly our kids appreciate it!

MC900290695Healthy Easter Treats

We always battle with too much candy at the Easter time of year (grocery stores with Cadbury displays have become the thing to avoid!) – so imagine the thrill at discovering this terrific little list of 7 healthier Easter treats. This is a post from the blog, Eat Drink Better, and the ideas are pretty great, plus it’s just in time for the “big day” – if you celebrate with treats!

1. Play Dough Eggs – Skip the food all together and give a fun activity instead!

2. Raw Truffles – Instead of refined sugar, these raw truffles are sweetened with whole fruit.

3. Fruit Leather – Another whole fruit treat, kids love fruit leather! Use mini cookie cutters to cut them into cute shapes, and eat the leavings yourself!

4. Raw Cadbury Eggs – Do your kids like those cream-filled chocolate eggs? Check out this unprocessed version!

5. Easter Bunny Salad – If you go with non-food Easter goodies, give your kids an Easter treat at lunchtime with this cute bunny-fied salad.

6. Baby Chick Macaroons  – Your kids never need to know that these festive coconut Easter treats are kinda sorta good for them.

7. Fresh Fruit – Turn that Easter basket into a beautiful fruit basket stuffed with your child’s favourite fruits.


christopherburtParent Education News

Our theme for the April General Meeting on April 1 will be safety, covering the topics Internet safety and emergency preparedness. 

Nicole Silbernagel
Nicole spent three years working as a correctional officer with BC Corrections and the past 12 years as a police officer with the RCMP and has been involved in several investigations involving the Internet.  She is a Mom to 2 kids, including Ryan in the 3 AM class.

Lena Jerabek
Lena is the owner/operator of Beesafe Solutions Ltd. (www.beesafe.ca).  After experiencing the 7.2 magnitude Baja earthquake while on holiday in California in 2010, she came back to Canada and began searching high and low for an emergency preparedness kit that would meet the needs of her growing family.  It took a lot of effort to create one, so she decided to put together an easy one-stop-shop for busy people looking to adequately prepare themselves for emergency situations and Beesafe Solutions Ltd. was born!  She is mom to 2 kids, including Lucie in the 3 AM class.

Coming up on the May 6 General Meeting

Promoting Peer Competence
This seminar helps parents understand how they can support and promote their young children to form and maintain peer friendships, and how this skill is connected to emotional self regulation – a keystone to their development.

Christopher Burt (www.christopherburt.net) is a Parenting and Family Development Specialist with over 20 years of professional experience working with children, youth and families.  He is a trained family counsellor who provides therapeutic and educational services to families, and training and clinical support to services to other professionals, organizations and Government Agencies.  He has provided seminars and training for many parent groups, teachers and childcare professionals, and social workers and child welfare managers.  Christopher holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.  He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two children who further his education every day.

If you have any questions about parent education, please contact Tasha at 604-526-5527 or tashamurray@outlook.com.


MC9000842803-Year Old Class Information

Welcome back to preschool! We hope that everyone had a great Spring Break. We are looking forward to sunny days and starting our inside-outside days. On these days the double doors will be open and the children will be able to explore activities both inside and outside.

We have many plans for this month ahead. We have added a few things to our “box boat” such as ropes and an atlas and globe in the area. This has already been encouraging the children to create maps to wonderful places. Some of the places we have regular trips to are Treasure Land, Hawaii, Australia, India, and New Westminster. Starting this month we will also have several musical guests such as a harpist, a banjo player, a guitarist, and a pianist. We will be using a variety of drums (on loan to us from Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion), exploring how an accordion and autoharp work and sound, and also hearing a variety of horn and wind instruments.

There is an exciting surprise arriving in the middle of the month….eggs and an incubator! To help introduce this we will set up an area for the children to explore with pretend birds and worms, nests, eggs and puppets. When the eggs arrive, there will be a period of watching and waiting for the eggs to be ready to hatch. We will let you know when the eggs do hatch and then we will have the chicks with us for about a week.

Special Events:

  •  Thursday April 17 we will have an Easter Egg Hunt outside. We would love for parents to come about 15 minutes early to help their child hunt for eggs.
  • Please save the date for our Family Tea Party on Thursday May 8. We would like each child to have one or two special family members at the party. There will be a sign up at the general meeting so that we know how many people to expect at the party.

Happy Spring!
From Teacher Barb and Teacher Eleanor

Picture 0174-Year Old Class Information

Slowly, as if arriving on its own time, Spring is warming up Queen’s Park. Crocuses and daffodils have started blooming in the play yard. Interestingly, the children have different ideas about what to do with them. Some people create beds and build comforting supports around them, others will pick them and collect them, still others will guard them and tell other children to leave them alone, and others will run right over them (obviously on a much more engaging mission!) Worms have been found all around and numerous children have dared (for the first time for some) to touch them. One boy enjoyed them so much, he was found to have a pocketful! And don’t forget the mud! (How can we?) Always a fun and tempting exploratory encounter, (whether planned or not), please be prepared!

The birds are out and about in the park too, so for our nature walk this month we set out into the forest to seek out a few. With our identification charts in hand, we looked up into the trees hoping to spot some crows, at least! We did see some crows, a bushtit (perhaps), and a little brown bird foraging along the trunks of the fir trees. We used the chart and learned they’re called Brown Creepers and like to look in the crooks of the bark for their breakfast.

We have been learning a little about different artists lately and taking the children’s creative techniques to a new level. Learning ceiling painting and sculpting techniques from Michelangelo, we taped our paper to the underside of the tables and painted lying down under them. We decided the carving marble would be too tough, so Teacher Eleanor made us a sculpting medium from egg cartons. The children could then paint their sculptures when they had dried. (A number of volcanos emerged from these mounds of pulp, we plan to explore that further next month!) We learned about Georgia O’Keefe and how important nature was for her painting inspirations. We also read a couple stories about yarn and the creations we can make from it. Be sure to check out our yarn bombing when you come in to the preschool! Also, the large bulletin board was put together after reading an important story called “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. Find it on the book shelf if you would like to find our inspiration for that collaboration.

The search was on for an elusive leprechaun the last day before the break. We listened to a story about a leprechaun loose in a classroom and it seemed our own classroom was in the same predicament. Clues were found and traps set in hopes of catching the mischievous little man! He outsmarted us in the end, but the childrens’ efforts were rewarded as the leprechaun left behind a gold piece for each of them to take home.

Congratulations to the Barbon family! Sawyer arrived at the end of February, making River a very proud big brother (again)!

In April we will be welcoming our favourite dance teacher, Mr. Trevor, to teach with us the first four Wednesdays of the month. He does all sorts of movement activities with music and props upstairs in the hall above the preschool. All of the children will have a chance to participate in this unique opportunity! Brad Cavanagh (4 pm) is going to set us up with a mason bee hive of our very own. Also, Farmer Marga from a local farm will bring us live chicken eggs in a small incubator for us to observe and hatch in the classroom. Spring has definitely arrived!

A video link, just for fun:

The reason we love Spring? Perhaps. The reason we appreciate having children in our lives? Absolutely.


Moment of the Month:

Teacher Jenny: “Next time you come we’re going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!”
Child: “Yeah, we do that in hockey all the time.”
Jenny: “Really? How do you do that?”
Child: “Every time a guy scores three goals.”

From your teachers, Jessica and Jenny

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