October 2022

October 1, 2022


A message from our teachers:

The first month of preschool has flown by!

September was all about getting to know one another, settling in, connecting and reconnecting.

It was a month of firsts for many of us! We visited our art gallery (The Gallery in the Park) for the first time this year. The artwork was a collective of collage art and mixed media art. A pop-up exhibit curated by Juno Avila-Clark. We practiced our first safety fire drills together in September too!

Happy Birthday to all of those born in September. We had the opportunity to celebrate four birthdays during the first month of preschool! Many of you may have heard by now, Ms. Naho gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy on September 22nd.

As the month wrapped up we enjoyed so many activities including dinosaurs, blocks, insects, playdough, construction vehicles, super hero dress up, baby bathing, blocks of all sorts, bubbles, bug hunting, painting and collage art.

As we move into the month of October it looks like it will be a wonderful month of continued exploration of insects and spiders!

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful beginning to our preschool year!

Though September was a bit of a whirlwind and so busy, it was also so much fun and it only keeps on getting better and better!

With many thanks, your teachers,

Ms. Donna, Ms. Heidi and Ms. Henda


Don’t forget to take a look at our social media profiles for glimpses of our day’s activities and interactions! Follow facebook.com/QPPSNewWest on Facebook and instagram.com/qppsnewwest on Instagram.

October upcoming events and important dates:

  • In October we will be celebrating eight birthdays!
  • October 3rd: We will open up our loft space and Toasty Marshmallow our guinea pig is returning to preschool. The children are welcome to bring her snacks and can feed her lettuce, carrots, apple slices, a grape now and then, and the occasional orange slice.
  • October 10th: Thanksgiving Day (no school).
  • October 12th and 13th: Class photos, individual and group photos. The photos will be taken after welcome circle at the start of each class.
  • In October we will explore pumpkins, the season of Autumn and of course dressing up!

Letter from the Executive:

Hello and Happy Fall to all of our QPPS Families! What a fun first month at preschool!

Big thank you to all the parents taking initiative to help set up and work together to make Queen’s Park Preschool amazing for the children.

A reminder that the password for the online portal at www.qpps.ca is: Play2021. You can locate the parent handbook, bylaws, reimbursement forms, etc. on there.

The class reps and social coordinators have been busy organizing a social for your class this month.

We encourage you to attend and connect with the families in your class.

It makes for a fun year ahead! Wishing you all a great month and we hope to see you soon!

The Executive Team

An art project: Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts

Let’s make some ghoulish Halloween ghosts with leftover toilet paper rolls from home.

What we need: toilet paper roll, tissue, glue, a black pen or paper.

  1. Tear the tissue enthusiastically with your child.
  2. Apply glue on a toilet paper roll and attach the torn tissue while rolling it around.
  3. Apply some eyes by either cutting black paper into eye shapes, drawing them on, or even using eye-shaped stickers.

A book to read: Thankfulness 

Let’s read about being thankful, while talking with our family about feeling grateful and starting to take in the sights of Autumn.

We are always here to support you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our teachers.


QPPS teachers



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