January 2021

January 2, 2021

Message from our teachers


This month, we excitedly opened our loft area! Children were very excited to explore the space and enjoyed using flashlights there. It was a great extended activity using flashlights in the loft space from the celebration of “Diwali” last month. We also enjoyed shadow puppets on the projector and children enjoyed mixing different shapes of shadows to create many great stories with their wonderful imaginations. 

We couldn’t avoid celebrating this festive season! We were all busy making surprise gifts for our families and it was very sweet to see the children working very hard. Teachers also put out our Christmas Tree in the classroom and children had a great time making cute star ornaments with glitters and sparkly glue. They were happily and joyfully putting the handmade star ornaments up on our Chiristmas tree. We also made many holiday cards and sent them to local seniors and they were dropped off at the New Westminster Library. On the last day of preschool, we had a lot of fun at our Holiday Party! We did special activities and we had a dance party at the end of the class! We had a special circle time and we enjoyed “Gingerbread Man” felt story, “Jingle Bells” book and “Bear Stays up for Christmas” by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. We used little bells to sing jingle bells together and it was such a magical and joyful moment. Santa’s visit was such a surprise for the children and we were so excited to see him and received a book gift from him. Thank you, Santa, for visiting us:)

In 3’s Class, many children have been into doctor’s kits this month. Children were using baby dolls to pretend that the babies were sick and our amazing doctors were busy taking care of them using toy stethoscopes, thermometers, and syringes. It was very interesting and fun to see the doctors were prescribing cupcakes and ice cream as medicine. Many of the children also enjoyed playing with our new family little figures. They combined the little figures and ice cream toys to pretend that they were lining up for ice cream. Also, children collaboratively worked making a maze with the balance beam and enjoyed walking around the maze! It was very hard to keep their balance, but they tried again and again even though they kept falling down! On the art table, we used circle stickers on the art table and children peeled the stickers on their own by using their fine motor skills. 

In 4’s Class, we enjoyed making Friendship Paper Chain together. They proudly used staplers with/without teacher’s help to make the paper strip into circles and connected them together. They also initiated making their own cool paper strip sculptures. Teachers were amazed by their creativity! Children were also proudly using scissors and tracers to trace and cut Christmas trees and stars to make their own Christmas tree decoration. We also enjoyed the projector with snowflake ornaments and imagined that snow was falling down in the classroom! Since we got new little dragon figures, we have been having so much fun playing with them! Teachers provided magnet tiles and recycled small cardboard boxes and children built houses, dungeons and transformable vehicles for dragon figures to play with. Many wonderful and creative stories were made by our imaginative children. 

Teachers would like to say thank you to all the Queen’s Park Preschool families! Your support and contribution maintain the preschool as a safe and wonderful environment for the children to play and learn. It has been a challenging and different year, but our 2020 was very inspiring and successful. We cannot wait to have many more fun moments in 2021! We feel so humble and grateful for being a part of this awesome community! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have an amazing winter break:)

Important Dates

A general meeting is coming up on January 12th to be held via Zoom. Look out for the Zoom link arriving by e-mail.

New Year’s Wishing Wand

Here’s a cute New Year’s craft that could make a fun activity on a rainy day. Check out how to make a wishing wand from nurturestore.co.uk.


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