December 2021

December 1, 2021

A message from our teachers:

We cannot believe it is already December! Time goes by so fast when we are having fun. 🙂 We had another amazing month at QPPS. 

As we noticed the season and scenery has been changing, we realized that children were curious about snowy mountains, chilly breezes, darker skies, and lots of rain outside. We explored light and shadows by using flashlights with our old school projector. We talked about how to form shadows and also learned about translucents and transparents that let all or some light pass through. Children started inventing a shadow game using the translucent shadows projected on the wall and enjoyed shadow puppets with our hands and finger puppets. 

Exploring light and shadows was a great introduction for Diwali and Hanukkah. Some families shared their heritage and we acknowledged and celebrated Diwali and Hanukkah in November. 

Coincidentally, the Art Gallery had some amazing and magical artwork, in which we can only see the hidden animals when we shine a blacklight flashlight on them. Our visit to the Art Gallery was a great extension of what we’ve been exploring.

We also talked about wind at circle time and had fun with the blowing bubble paint activity. 

In November, we briefly talked about our peacekeepers who maintain our world’s safety and peace. We acknowledged Remembrance Day through an art activity of poppy wreath making and playing with the little figures of soldiers. 

Children have been into colour mixing lately. We started a magic milk science experiment and we ended up focusing on mixing colours with sensory finger painting and shaving cream and watercolours. Children were amazed when they mixed primary colours and found out they created different colours. 

In December, we will bake and decorate cupcakes in the classroom since teachers noticed that children have been enjoying toy cupcakes in the playhouse and play dough table. We’ll continue celebrating Hanukkah in the first week of December and we’ll put up the preschool’s Christmas tree soon. December is a short month due to our Winter Break. We are grateful for having an amazing month in November and we’re very excited to have another awesome month ahead of us:)

Thank you for reading!

QPPS Teachers


December/January upcoming events and important dates:

  • Pictures with Santa fundraiser is December 11th
  • Last day of preschool for the year is December 16th for the 3-year-old class and December 17th for the 4-year-old class (as a reminder, these classes are one hour only)
  • First day back after the winter break is January 4th
  • General meeting is January 4th (at 7:00 pm)

An update on our fundraisers:

Thank you to the QPPS families for an amazing start to the fundraising year! We have done fundraisers with Cockney Kings, Pumpkins from Columbia Square Save on Foods, Me & Ed’s Pizza, Neufeld Farms, and Purdy’s Chocolate. Save the date for pictures with Santa coming up on December 11th.
Thank you so much for your participation and keep your eye out for exciting fundraisers coming next year!

A message from our event coordinator:

Hi QPPS Parents! We just wanted to give you a quick heads up that we will be doing  photos with Santa at the preschool on the morning of Saturday, December 11th.

The cost will be $20 in cash on the day of the event and a digital photo will be provided. Next week we’ll be sending out more info and the the chance to sign-up for a time slot. Families from the same class will be grouped together and siblings are welcome! We’ll have some fun activities outside and then invite each family inside one at a time.
More details and sign-up to come soon. We just wanted to get this on your radar so you can book it in your calendar!
— Jamie Owen, event coordinator 

A recipe to try: Classic Apple Crisp with Oats

This recipe is a perfect dessert for the holiday season–and perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Check out Classic Apple Crisp with Oats, courtesy of Chatelaine magazine:


Apple Crisp

Photo and recipe courtesy of Chatelaine magazine,



QPPS teachers


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