April 2023

April 1, 2023

Message From Our Teachers

Welcome Spring! We sure hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! Returning enthusiastic, rejuvenated and well rested! March was a wonderful time spent together filled with worm searches, insect hunts and camping dramatic play, musical instruments and relay obstacle course making! We had a great deal of fun wearing fancy clothes and fairy/butterfly wings, exploring sensory foam, colour mixing, watercolour painting, paper tearing and cutting! With Easter just days ahead we are looking closer at farm animals and farm life as well as bunnies, ducks and chickens. This makes sense as we will also be having an Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday April 5th and Thursday April 6th.

Thank you everyone for coming out to take part in our annual art exhibit. The opening night hosted an excess of 200 people enjoying Rock Paper Scissors and the beautiful guitar music of local musician Enrico Renz. We wish to thank Laura Newman for all her hard work helping us glaze and paint our ceramic art pieces, and thank you also to all the families who donated drinks and treats for our very special event!

Our annual art show Rock Paper Scissors is on display until April 9th. This gives you plenty of time to support the artists of Queen’s Park Preschool, spread the word and share on your social media. This is a huge event that showcases our preschool and the unique community we are.

Looking ahead, in our fours’ classes during the month of April we will also begin exploring outer space, galaxy theme and in our threes’ classes we will talk about community helpers including fire fighters and police officers. We are also hoping to have a real police officer visit in our three year old programs in April (to be announced).

Mark your calendars so you do not forget that the preschool is closed on April 7th and April 10th for the Easter long weekend.

In the month of April expect to hear more about fairies, dragons, princesses, queens and knights as our exploration of all things magical and whimsical gets under way. Stay tuned as we are planning a dress up day inspired by castles, kings, knights, fairies, insects, dragons, princes and princesses, gardens, flowers, gnomes and all those who inhabit a royal kingdom. Plan to dress up in your favourite costume or costume item (crown, wings, whatever…) on Monday April 17th and Tuesday April 18th. This idea was inspired by your children’s interest in fairies and crowns, creating a desire to have princess dress up day! Let’s make these wishes come true together!




Don’t forget to take a look at our social media profiles for glimpses of our days’ activities and interactions! Follow facebook.com/QPPSNewWest on Facebook and instagram.com/qppsnewwest on Instagram.

April Events and Important Dates

  • March 29th – April 9th: Preschool art show ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ on at @ Gallery in The Park.
  • April 5th and 6th: Easter Egg Hunt in the classes.
  • April 7th – 10th: School closed for Easter long weekend.
  • April 17th – 18th: Dress up day in the classes.

Fundraising Update

Please save the date for our silent auction fundraising event at 7pm on Saturday, June 3rd at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall.

Tickets will be $10 and available for purchase later this week.

This is an adults-only event with music, drinks, appetizers and a silent auction to support the preschool. QPPS has deep roots in New Westminster and this event has traditionally been a fantastic way to engage with the community and raise funds to support the preschool. We are excited to re-launch the silent auction and hope you can join us!

All families are asked to donate an item for the silent auction, suggested value $50 or above. Gift-in-kind receipts are available for item donations upon request. Charitable donation receipts will be provided for all financial donations.

Please extend the invitation to grandparents, family members, neighbours and alumni who would like to support the preschool!

Craft Corner: Easter Basket Origami

Materials: Coloured paper, glue, scissors, tape, and stickers.

1. Fold the coloured paper in half vertically 2 times, then horizontally 2 times. 4 times in total, to create 4×4 square folds.
2. Unfold the paper and make one cut on the inner side of each corner square piece.
3. Fold the remaining part of the cut square on the edge and glue it together to make the base of the basket.
4. Fold another piece of paper in half 2 times to create a square that will sit on the base of the basket.
5. Fold another piece of paper 4 times vertically to make the handle. Tape the handle to both sides of the basket.
6. Decorate the basket with stickers and fill it with cards, eggs or treats.

Now you’re ready for an egg-citing time! Happy Easter!

Check out these events happening around the city this month!

Reading Room: Adventures in April

April will be full of fun and exciting adventures. The trees will change colour and fragrant cherry blossoms will rain down. Maybe your family is preparing for an egg hunt for Easter, going on an exciting hike, or packing a picnic to celebrate spring after a long winter. We can find flowers in many colours, and we will start to see spider webs and earthworms. We can count how many ducks swim by, and find leaves in various shapes. These books will help us see all the possible adventures we can all have this spring.
Bunny’s Easter Basket by Mary M. Webster
Over in the Meadow by Jan Thornhill
Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson


We are always here to support you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our teachers.


QPPS teachers


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