April 2021

April 5, 2021

Message From Our Teachers

We cannot believe it’s already April! March went by so quickly and we hope you had a wonderful spring break! We’re happy to announce that Queen’s Park Preschool is hosting an Art Exhibition from April 1st to April 11th at The Gallery at Queen’s Park (see the open hours below). We were busy making wonderful and amazing masterpieces in the last few weeks. Please visit our Art Exhibition to check out the artworks created by our fabulous little artists!
Art Exhibition “Lines and Dots”
  • Friday, April 2nd (Good Friday): 10am-2pm
  • Saturday, April 3rd: CLOSED
  • Sunday, April 4th: 10am-5pm
  • Monday, April 5th (Easter Monday): CLOSED
  • Tuesday, April 6th: 10am-2pm
  • Wednesday, April 7th: 10am-2pm
  • Thursday, April 8th: 10am-2pm
  • Friday, April 9th: 10am-2pm
  • Saturday, April 10th: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, April 11th: 10am-5pm
Here is the recap of March:
  • Silly Fashion Day
Thank you for participating in Silly Fashion Day! It was very inspiring to see so many creative silly outfits and fashion ideas! We read “This Story Starts Here” and talked about being silly at circle time and had a fun silly dance party:) 
  • Masterpiece making for Art Show
3’s and 4’s class worked very hard to make wonderful artworks for our Art Show in April. Many of the children participated in individual art such as wire sculpture, watercolour art, and marble run art. We all collaboratively worked on popsicle stick sculptures and splatter painting. Please visit the Art Gallery above the preschool from April 1st to 11th. 
  • Construction vehicles and wooden vehicles
During the Zoom class last week, some of the 3’s Class children were excitedly showing their cool vehicles. Teachers decided to expand their curiosity and passion to the classroom. 3’s definitely enjoyed playing with the vehicles and working hard to make towers with the wooden blocks. 4’s Class was into building a bridge and ramps with blocks. We’re excited to continue this building and vehicle journey after spring break. 
  • Water table and turtles
Water table is always so popular and this week, we had so much fun with little turtles and bubbles. Ms. Donna shared a song, “Tiny Tim the Turtle”. We’ll see what we’re going to have in the water table in 2 weeks:)
  • Lines 
Since our theme for the Art Show is “Lines and dots”, Ms. Henda introduced us to a book called “Lines that Wiggles” and we talked about different kinds of lines and expressed varieties of lines with our body! 
  • Magnet Alphabets
Many children enjoyed spelling their names with the magnet alphabets on the magnet wall. They were so proud recognizing the letters of the alphabet and spelling their names. They even invented the world’s longest words(!?) and laughed at each other when we tried to pronounce them. 
  • Kids Fort
Teachers noticed some children were looking for a cozy space near the playhouse area, so we decided to make a fort together. Some pretended to be a cat and dog playing a family in the fort and others had a cozy picnic in the fort. Soon, it’ll be an inside-outside day at preschool and we’re hoping to carry on this amazing fort activity to outside to expand their imaginations and creativity. 
  • Dragon on the light table
3’s enjoyed playing with little dragon figures at the light table a lot. Some dragons were breathing fire and playing hide and seek with other dragons. Other dragons enjoyed sipping some freshly squeezed lemonade!
  • Play pellets
It was a huge hit for the 4’s class exploring the play pellets at the sensory table. Children were scooping, measuring and pouring the colourful play pellets with ladles and spoons to make some ice cream and cotton candies. 
  • Easter egg hunt
We had  so much fun looking for the Easter eggs all around the classroom and playground. Children worked very hard to look for the eggs and it was so nice to see how much they enjoyed it!
  • Tracing And Easter egg decorating art 
3’s class enjoyed decorating an Easter egg with markers. After they finished decorating the eggs, they walked around the classroom to hide their own decorated eggs and shared some of them with their friends. It was so nice to see
4’s worked very hard tracing the Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and spring flowers. Children designed and coloured their drawings after they traced the shapes and it was so cool to see different patterns and colour combinations.

Important Dates

  • Preschool is closed on Friday, April 2nd and Monday, April 5th for the Easter long weekend.
  • General Meeting on April 6th at 7:00pm, Zoom link to be sent by e-mail. 
  • Painting fundraiser via Zoom on April 18th at 2:00pm, register by April 11th, details via e-mail.

Autism Awareness 

April is autism is awareness, acceptance and appreciation month.

Source: https://www.autism-products.com/how-to-be-a-friend-to-someone-with-autism/

Cherry Blossoms 

An unmistakable sign of Spring, beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms are in full bloom around the lower mainland. Each tree blossoms for about two weeks so take in the sight while you can. 604 Now has compiled a list of places to see cherry blossoms in New Westminster. After viewing them you may be inspired to create some cherry blossom themed art. You can create these pink flowers using tissue paper or paint and fingertips, check out these links for inspiration:







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