October 2022

  • October 2022

      A message from our teachers: The first month of preschool has flown by! September was all about getting to know one another, settling in, connecting and reconnecting. It was a month of firsts for many of us! We visited our art gallery (The Gallery in the Park) for the first time this year. The artwork was a collective of collage art and mixed media art. A pop-up exhibit curated by Juno Avila-Clark. We practiced our first safety fire drills together in September too! Happy Birthday to all of those born in September. We had the opportunity to celebrate four birthdays during the first month of preschool! Many of you may have heard by now, Ms. Naho gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy on September 22nd. As the month wrapped up we enjoyed so many activities including dinosaurs, blocks, insects, playdough, construction vehicles, super hero dress up, baby bathing, blocks of all sorts, bubbles, bug hunting, painting and collage art. As we move into the month of October it looks like it will be a wonderful month of continued exploration of insects and spiders! Thank you everyone for such a wonderful beginning to our preschool year! Though September […]

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