February 2021

  • March 2021

    Highlights From Our Teachers Over the past few weeks we have been touching on Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Friendship and Family. Other highlights included making banana muffins and carrot cake with our three year olds and making JELLO with our four year olds. We incorporated learning about heart shapes, the animals of the Chinese zodiac, what it means to share kindness and of course the colours pink, red and purple for Valentine’s Day and red, black and golden for Chinese New Year. We are continuing exploration of wire with our fours, expanding the experience with different types of wire and adding wooden doweling. In the threes we explored making shapes and lines with pipe cleaners and added round wooden beads. Our castle and little people was popular in all classes. Wooden blocks, little animals and small people provided for imaginative play and in all classes we enjoyed using our geo boards with elastics which is a fantastic fine motor activity that challenges our imagination and builds on the learnings of shape, lines and form. In all classes we have been working on art projects for our upcoming art show which will happen this spring at the Gallery in The […]

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  • February 2021

    Message From Our Teachers There have been many highlights this past month. One of the big ones has been interacting and observing Windy, the class guinea pig. Pet care builds upon the natural desire to share gentleness, compassion, tenderness and a sense of responsibility for another living creature. Our QPP students are very lucky to have Windy in our midst. This little animal adds a sense of wonder and added learning opportunities as well as a sense of calm in our often busy room. A few activities we shared in the class included wheels and gears in our 3’s and gears and pulley systems in our fours. In the four year old classes we began drawing self portraits with ink on cardstock as an extension to the interesting mirror fascination that evolved from setting out mirrors and feelings cards. The opportunity to name and express feelings and emotions is so vital. Making silly faces and looking closely at personal features is a wonderful self awareness and self empowering activity.  Clay was introduced as a new and exciting medium to create with. Music making has been popular as well as dress up and dramatic play. It was a wonderful January!  Happy […]

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