January 2013

  • February 2013

    Alumni and General Enrollment is Up and Coming! Let your friends know…  The “Alumni Enrollment” will take place at the Wednesday night, February 6 at 7pm and is open to families who previously attended the school. “General Enrollment” is open to the general public will take place Saturday morning February 9th at 8am. $70 cheque (preferred) or cash per family to cover the registration fee due on the registration days listed above. If you have any questions about enrollment, please email enroll@qpps.ca. Silent Auction Evening Book your babysitters and get ready for a fun-filled evening! March 9is gearing up to be a fantastic night. There will be prizes, bidding wars with friends, and a chance to bid on live auction items as well. This enjoyable evening also offers time spent with others, a chance to relax and enjoy a drink, have a snack, and share in the excitement of this successful fundraising event. There may also be some interesting surprises during the evening. We have already received a number of items for the silent auction and can’t wait to see what else will come our way. As we would like all members attending the auction to know what has been […]

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  • January 2013

      Fundraising Update A big thanks is in order to all the families who supported the Win Win ticket sales. The Queens Park Preschool sold all of our 40 booklets – which resulted in a profit of $320 – yay parents! Here is a little update on the up and coming: 1.  Clothing bags – we are doing very well with this fundraiser and will continue to collect clothing bags on the first Monday (drop off at the preschool) and Tuesday for delivery Wednesday morning. Please feel free to bring bags to the general meeting – it’s a great time to clear out the old and make room for all the new winter items received over the holidays. 2.  Shopping Cards – this monthly fundraiser has been very successful and we are looking forward to continuing. Some families have given a standing order (same order each month – re: groceries, gas, clothing stores) with post dated cheques for  the first Tuesday of each month. If this is something you feel would be helpful for you, please let Kathleen know and it can be arranged. Just a reminder regarding dates – all orders are to be in on the first Tuesday of […]

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