Hello Future QPPS Families

Thanks for considering Queen’s Park Preschool for your family.

Queen’s Park Preschool is a play-based preschool that offers both morning and afternoon programs for three and four year olds.

We believe that play provides opportunities for young children to learn about their world. Our teachers act as facilitators of play, promoting positive interactions with peers, and using positive guidance strategies. They strive to provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive, environment which encourages spontaneous play and fosters self-esteem.

Open-ended materials, creative spaces and unique experiences, are made available so that the children can learn and be curious about the world around them. As much as possible, the program is child-centered and grows out of the children’s interests and abilities. Parent participation allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s preschool experience by assisting the teachers in the classroom on a rotational basis.


Enrollment Schedule – September 2022 to June 2023 School Year

We are happy to provide registration details below for the upcoming school year starting September 2022!

2019 Birth Year – 3 Year Old Class Registration
2018 Birth Year – 4 Year Old Class Registration

♦ Tuesday January 11

Current Student Registration
Priority registration for current 3 year old students advancing to 4 year old classes and also siblings of current students.
$100 registration fee per family is due at this time.


♦ Tuesday January 18 * Tentative date and procedure depending on government COVID guidance 

QPPS Open House Information Night > 4:00pm-7:00pm
A chance for prospective parents and children to explore and visit the school and meet the teachers to talk about our preschool program. The enrollment team and members of the executive committee will also be present to answer any questions you may have about what is involved in belonging to a parent participation preschool and the enrollment process. COVID protocols will be followed and room capacity may be limited so thank you in advance for your patience if arriving when busy. Please check this page again closer to the date for any event detail changes.

If you would like to RSVP and confirm a specific time slot please email > enroll@qpps.ca


♦ Wednesday February 9

Alumni Registration > 7:00pm *online link will be posted here*
Alumni registration will be processed on a first come first serve basis via online link with priority allocated as follows:

Students who fill available class spaces will be required to register and pay the $100 registration fee at this time in order to reserve their child’s spot. You will then need to complete and submit the full supplementary registration package by March 31.


♦ Saturday February 12

New Student Registration > 9:00am  *online link will be posted here*
The number of available spaces for new students will be posted after alumni registration is completed.

Registration will be completed online a first-come first serve basis via online link until all available spaces are filled after which point students will be assigned to the waiting list.

Students who fill available class spaces will be required to register and pay the $100 registration fee when their spot is confirmed the following week in order to reserve their child’s spot. You will then need to complete and submit the full supplementary registration package by March 31.


♦ Registration Form Package
The form package will be made available for preview and download in January.


FAQ – Common Enrollment Registration Questions and Answers

Please see the general QPPS FAQ page first > https://qpps.ca/faq/

Q. What if I cannot attend the open house session that day?
A. Please email enroll@qpps.ca and we will be able to schedule another day for you to visit after class.

Q. How many spaces will be available?
A. Each morning and afternoon class has a maximum capacity of 20 students. Typically most of the 3 year old students continue onto the 4 year old class thus there will be a limited number of spaces for new 4 year old students, if any. The number of 3 year old spaces available will depend on how many siblings of current students and alumni students register the week before general registration. The number of spaces will be posted on this page as soon as that registration is completed.

Please email enroll@qpps.ca if you have any additional questions.
Thank you!


Current Monthly Fees* and Daily Class Schedule

3 Year Old Classes

4 Year Old Classes

Morning group class session: 9:15am to 11:30pm

Afternoon group class session: 12:15pm to 2:30pm

* Please note that the cost of tuition is reviewed annually in the spring and is subject to change. New families will have an opportunity to vote on tuition at the May 2022 General Meeting.


Parent Duty Day Addendum Information for the 2021/22 School Year

At Queen’s Park Preschool we are aware that being involved with the preschool can be difficult for some families due to scheduling or child care issues. We are also aware that some families would like to be more involved with the preschool.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation this year, normal in-class parent participation has been restricted but we anticipate should the health situation return to normal during the school year that the following options will become available for parents.

Option 1
Up to 5 families (25% of the class) will be eligible to pay a monthly opt-out fee of $75 to not require in-class duty days. The families would still be required to have a family job at the preschool but this would be done outside of school hours.

Option 2
Up to 5 families (25% of the class) in lieu of having an additional preschool job, may elect to have 2 additional in-class duty days each month (these duty days are on top of their regularly scheduled days).

While it is a goal of the preschool that all parents will be able to participate in-class with their children, we hope that this flexibility is able to allow as many families as possible to enjoy our preschool experience as their schedule allows.