Lynda Joshi – Teacher

Teacher Lynda QPPSWhen I was a young child myself I knew that I wanted to be a preschool teacher! After a brief stint in the financial field I followed my heart’s calling and pursued a career in Early Childhood Education and Care. I became licensed to practice in 2001, and then obtained additional licenses as an Infant/Toddler Educator as well as a Special Needs Educator. I recently became certified as a kids yoga instructor, combining two of my biggest passions – children and yoga!

My dedication to working with children and their families has led me to a variety of opportunities in dynamic settings; including volunteer work at BC Children’s Hospital as well as Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Before coming to QPP I held the position of Early Learning Facilitator with the school district where I piloted numerous projects.

My work with children and families has always felt like an extension of my true self for which I am grateful for. Although I am in the role of teacher, I have found that children (with their boundless curiosity, innate sense of wonder, honesty and authenticity) always have me looking
at things in a new light and they, in turn, have been my greatest teachers. In holding space for each child to express, share and build upon their knowledge, creativity and capabilities the learning is reciprocal and this is where the magic happens! I love learning alongside of them and they can see and know that their unique contributions are valued, honoured and meaningful.

With relationships at the core of my teaching practice, I strive to have a heartfelt presence in the classroom in order to foster meaningful connections. Connections with each other, with the environment and the world around us as well as to our learning. I fully embrace a play based learning environment and thoughtfully prepare the classroom with this in mind with the intention of provoking children’s thinking and inspiring imagination. I believe that this will be the foundation for a life long love of learning.

I live in Queens Park with my three children, my dog Romeo and my cat Charlie. When I am not teaching you will find me… spending time with my loved ones, practicing yoga, meditating, reading, writing, in nature, working out, boxing, enjoying great food, singing, drinking tea.

Donna Ross-Thengs – Teacher

Teacher Donna QPPSDonna Ross-Thengs is the Assistant Teacher for the three year old classes. She is a fully certified Early Childhood Educator who has over 16 years of experience working with preschool aged children and holds her Infant Toddler Development certificate. Donna’s previous experience includes working as part of the multi-age program at the Queen’s Avenue Daycare, UBC Childcare Services and The Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres.

Donna believes that children learn best through hands on exploration and through play. She believes her role as an early childhood educator is to be there to facilitate, engage and encourage.

In addition to being an Early Childhood Educator, Donna is a published poet, freelance photographer and mixed media artist.

Queenie So – Teacher (presently on maternity leave)

Queenie So is a teacher researcher inspired by Reggio Emilia’s philosophy. She has a strong image of the child, and perceives her responsibility as an educator is to be partners in children’s learning. To expose children to meaningful explorations, and encourage them to think critically towards those investigations as she provide a safe, nurturing, and respectful setting for the children in her care to feel confident and comfortable to take risks. To facilitate and guide children through intentional, responsive, authentic experiences as they discover the world, and find their place within our global community.

She started working with young children professionally since 2005. Since that time, her experiences in Early Childhood Education includes working as a facilitator, mentor, and manager of child care facilities in a neighbourhood house, an assistant ECE supervisor at a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool, an Infant Toddler Educator at SFU Childcare Society, an Out-of-School Program Coordinator of a Montessori Program, and a Behaviour Interventionist working with children with Autism. She has also volunteered as an attendant and docent at the Wondering of Learning Exhibit from Reggio Emilia in 2012.

In her free time, Queenie enjoys motorcycle riding, skeet and target shooting, and spending time exploring the great outdoors with her son.