Programs – 3’s and 4’s


About UsQueen’s Park Preschool we offer a three year old program and a four year old program. Please note, children are enrolled in either an AM class or a PM class, not both. Our class times are:

Three Year Old Class:

Tuesday/Thursday  morning class: 9:15am – 11:15am
Tuesday/ Thursday early afternoon class: 12:15pm – 2:15pm

Four Year Old Class

Monday/ Wednesday/Friday morning class: 9:15am – 11:30am
Monday/Wednesday/Friday early afternoon class: 12:15pm – 2:30pm

All of our programs are quite similar in structure. A typical day at preschool includes:

Welcome Circle:
 The teachers welcome the children and share information about any special activities for the class session.

Free Play:
 During free play the children can explore the various areas and activities with the preschool.

Some of these activities might include:

  • creative art activities
  • large muscle play on the indoor slide and monkey bars
  • sand box
  • water table play
  • dressing up and pretend play in the two storey play house
  • playdough
  • science discoveries
  • working with manipulatives such as blocks, cars, puzzles and trains

Circle Time:
Teachers lead a group time (with lots of child participation) and share music and songs, stories, group games and have discussions on a variety of topics.

Snack Time
: At snack time we sit together and share a healthy snack (Each family takes turns providing the snack).

Outdoor Play: 
We try to go outside each day. Attached to the preschool is a fenced playground, with lots of space to run, play, climb the playground, and use various types of outdoor play equipment. We also may go for a walk up to the Queen’s Park playground or just for a stroll through the park to explore and enjoy the nature around us.