October 2017

October 1, 2017

From the President

Hello QPPS Families! It has been a fantastic and busy first month at Queens Park Preschool. I hope you have all had the chance to settle in with your new routines and your little ones are thoroughly enjoying the school.

As October is the month to be thankful, I want to thank our incredible teachers for their hard work in making the school such a beautiful space and welcoming all our kids to their new classes. This month, we will introduce one new staff member: Ms. Queenie who will be joining as a teacher in our 4-year-old classes. She will no doubt be a great addition to the preschool.

I also want to thank all of you for your volunteer hours so far. Be it cleaning the school or organizing a fundraiser, designing a website or crunching numbers, without you, this school wouldn’t be the place it is. So many thanks for being part your children’s first school experience.

The beginning of the school year is always full of such excitement and many plans for activities and events to come. I do hope that you will take full advantage of the social activities, fundraising outings, and in-class events. They are a ton of fun and a great way to meet other families.

Hope your October is full of things to be thankful for!



Parent Education – Upcoming October 3

This month, Denise Goldbeck from Kids in the Spotlight (http://www.denisegoldbeck.com/) will return to Queen’s Park Preschool to give a presentation entitled “Your Child’s Coping Style – Moving beyond coping toward flow in your everyday parenting”.  Last year, we learned easy practical tips on how to increase the harmony in our home, and in our child’s life, by increasing our child’s ability to regulate his or her emotions. This year, Denise will give a brief recap, then explore related attachment styles and identity models.
Tickets will be available to the public for $10.


3 Year Old Classroom Information

With a wonderfully warm welcome it is with our great pleasure to welcome our three year old families to Queen’s Park Preschool. Ms. Lynda and Ms. Donna have enjoyed our gradual entry process and the opportunity to begin to get to know each one of you! How is it possible that the month of September has flown by so quickly? Spending time together these past few weeks have given us the chance to get comfortable in our playroom, observe, make notes and refresh our program planning. Remember, our classroom set up and activities will, for the most part, be created through the interests your children, seasons, family celebrations and the passions and talents families choose to share with us at preschool.

We have introduced a few new pieces of furniture, instruments, art materials, music and provocative play materials. As well, we have begun moving toward a more neutral, natural and peaceful aesthetically pleasing environment overall. You will hopefully feel warm, relaxed and welcome in the space. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities through play to your children in a most beautiful way.

The gradual process was successful and went fairly smoothly. The first few weeks Ms. Lynda and Ms. Donna kept the classroom set up minimal and the teachers focused on observing and listening as well as asking questions. Building comfort and trust as well as fostering relationships is just the beginning. Slowly introducing the flow of the day helped ease everyone into our routine. Consistency and continuity builds trust and comfort. Encouraging deep calming breaths, gentle stretching and singing through transitions are some of the ways we help all of the children feel welcome, safe and comfortable and it feels good!

In September we introduced our cubbies, bathroom, kitchen, main playroom, bookshelves, light box, climber, loft, playhouse, piano, percussion instruments, new sand and water tables, new art easels, play yard and extended play yard to all of the children. It is a lot to take in! To some children it feels like a whole new world! It takes time to trust, time to get to know new faces and names. We all need time to find our place in this special space!

So what did we play with? Each other of course. Truly, we played along side one another, keeping a bit of space in between.

One child requested boats in the water table so we obliged. The interest expanded to the children noticing our wonderful wooden pirate ship, so it found a home on a cozy table and slowly we added people, and sea life, then mirrored stones, treasure chests and seashells.

Another child expressed interest in firefighters so our loft which housed our wooden blocks became a fire station. We added firefighter dress up gear and fire engines to the loft and the dramatic play that happened was organic, inclusive and noisy!

A group of children expressed an interest in rainbows, so one of our first art projects included tempra block water-colour exploration and out of this grew the desire for books about light and colour. As expected our light box has become an appealing draw for all of the children. The alphabet in gem tones brightly illuminated on the light box encouraged alphabet exploration and then name spelling!

What will October bring to the three year classroom? Most definitely October will include a continuation of our woodland creature exploration which also started in September and the introduction of loose parts.

Warmly, Ms. Donna and Ms. Lynda

4 Year Old Classroom Information

Wow can you believe that September has come and gone just like that! We have welcomed back our friends and have been introduced to new ones and have already celebrated some birthdays.

The children have been busy exploring the room together finding some familiar activities and discovering new ones.  We have explored materials at the light table and magnets on the board, painted with brushes, rollers and scrubbing pads, marched in bands and had a dance party!

We mused over how the castle we were playing with one day became a sailing ship the next? Turns out the teacher’s moved it to a shelf (hmmm did the three year old classes have anything to do with that?). With the sailing ship came the sea creatures and time playing in the water table.

We welcomed Ms. Queenie who will join us in October and Ms. Jennica our support teacher. Please introduce yourself on your next duty days!

In October we will explore autumn, apples, pumpkins and of course, Halloween.

Warmly, Ms. Donna and Ms. Stacey

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