November 2016

October 29, 2016

hello-novemberFrom the President

Wow, how time flies, it’s November already. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving celebration and had a safe and fun Halloween.

The preschool is running well and I don’t have a lot of information to pass on this month.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



download-1Enrollment Update

Please make note that there are still 2 spots available in the 4AM and 2 spots in the 4PM classes.  We are asking if you can reach out on social media and see if anyone has 4 year old children who have not enrolled in a preschool yet.

Thanks! Donald




Pub Night, Friday Nov 4th @ 730 will be at the Paddlewheeler Pub on the Quay.

Tickets are on sale now for $20 each. $20 gets you either your choice of beef, chicken or veggie burger and either a beer, wine or spirit to drink.  If you buy your tickets before the end of next GM you will be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card.   There will be 50/50 tickets, prize draws and a toonie toss.  Great evening to get to know your fellow preschool parents, and support our fabulous school.  Email: to purchase tickets or  purchase them before and at the break of the GM.

Family Fall Pictures, Nov 5th & 6th – REMINDER, times will be the same as when you first signed up unless you arranged different with Sarah.

Volunteers are needed to help Sarah, Saturday 2-4 and Sunday 9-3. One or two hour increments would be appreciated. Contact Tara to volunteer.

Meat Pies are coming!! Order forms will be in your box by our next GM, orders will be delivered by our December meeting.  More info will be giving out at November GM.


parent-edParent Education

November 1st Parent Education Session

This month we will host Adrienne Gear from Reading Power ( on pre-literacy. While we all want our children to develop proficient reading skills, becoming a ‘reader’ is not just about being able to read words. Reading is about thinking! Adrienne will share some of her ideas behind her extensive work in the area of reading comprehension and explain the two essential skill sets important for learning to read: decoding and comprehension. She will give practical tips and suggestions on ways you can support comprehension in your beginning readers by helping them make connections, ask questions and infer. Yes, even pre-schoolers can infer! She will also share some of her favourite picture books to read and share. Spend an hour with Adrienne to learn, laugh, and come away with some great ideas for reading at home with your children!

Adrienne Gear has been a teacher in Vancouver for over 25 years. She is passionate about literacy and learning and for supporting students and teachers in the area of reading and writing. She continues to teach two days a week in Vancouver, as well as present workshops across the province and country. Her work in the area of Reading and Writing Instruction is recognized across Canada and the US. She is the author of 5 books on reading and writing instruction for teachers, including the popular Reading Power series.

Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

December 6th Parent Education Session

Next month we will welcome Kareen Hudson from the Dalai Lama Centre in Vancouver on an overview of the Heart-Mind index ( Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

If you have any questions or comments about parent education, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Angie Stephens (


apple16Nutrition Column

Family Meals: A Recipe for Success

With November bringing families together in remembrance, it seems fitting to remind everyone about the extraordinary benefits that come with family meals. With busy work schedules, school commitments and extra-curricular activities, we sometimes feel so pressed for time that family meals are put on the back burner. Children who regularly have meals with their family do better nutritionally, socially, emotionally and academically. Adults even reap health benefits too!

Family meals can sometimes feel more like a chore than anything. Finding the time, getting everyone to the table, having your pre-schooler ask to be excused after 10 minutes, leaves many parents wondering if it’s even worth the trouble. It’s definitely worth it! Research shows children and teens who have regular family meals:

  • have higher self esteem;
  • have better vocabulary and communication skills;
  • do better in school;
  • have fewer behaviour problems;
  • have a better sense of belonging and a better understanding of family values;
  • are less likely to smoke, drink or use drugs;
  • maintain a healthy weight and are less likely to suffer from eating disorders.

Research also shows that adults who have regular family meals eat more nutritionally, have better overall health, and are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight.

With all of the benefits, how do we make family meals happen regularly? Be flexible! We often associate family meals with dinner, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Plan to eat breakfast together instead, or make a point of having a sit-down snack as a family. Make meal times pleasant and something to which to look forward. Turn off devices, go screen-free and enjoy conversation with one another. If you’re at a loss for words has a variety of links to conversation starters for families to get the dialogue flowing.  Also, mealtimes don’t have to be a gourmet affair – keep it simple and don’t forget to get the whole family involved in the preparation. Aim to have at least one meal together per day and enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness.

Bon Appétit!

Rolande Barbon, RD


3-Year Old Class Information


Happy Halloween from your 3’s teachers Ms. Donna and Ms. Carrie.

With Gradual entry over, everyone has been settling into the fun and learning of the full preschool program.  Some of the activities we have been enjoying are painting with gooey pumpkin guts, hammering pegs into big round pumpkins, the water table and the great dress ups available in the house corner.

It is amazing to watch the children dress up together and use their imagination to become immersed in their play.  Whether it’s a magic fairy who grants wishes for hugs or taking care of puppies, their is no limit to where their play can take them.



In October the children have enjoyed making stone soup together and eating it for snack.  In addition,  to making, baking, decorating and of course eating Halloween cookies.  Cooking activities are so much fun, and provide such a natural way to explore science, and math concepts cooperatively in a hands on manner.




November promises to be just as much fun, the children can look forward to making homemade apple juice, apple sauce and Pizza together.  We will continue to explore our fall theme during our nature walks by looking for and talking about the changes we see in Queens Park.




Important dates to mark on your calendar:

Friday November 4th Pub night at the Paddle wheeler  (Fundraiser)

Thursday November 10th  Apple Juice Making

Tuesday November 15th Apple Sauce Making

Thursday November 17th Pizza Day!  (Children only)

Thursday November 24th Nature walk. (fall changes)

Tuesday November 29th Fire Drill.

December  13th Fire Drill.

December 15th 3’s Holiday Party. (Families Welcome)

December 26th to January 2rd Winter Break

Tuesday January 3rd First Day back to Preschool for the 3’s.


Respectfully yours, 3’s teachers Ms. Donna and Ms. Carrie.


4-Year Old Class Information



Goodbye October and hello November!

The past month has breezed by!



curiousOur four year old classes have been busy indeed! Everything is coming together wonderfully and as if by magic, everyone is settling in beautifully and getting comfortable with our classroom, play space and budding relationships! Highlights this past month have been opening up the monkey bars, dramatic play, face painting, dressing up, super hero exuberance, exploring castles and pirate ships and rediscovering our marvellous “Jumparoo!”


acornsMs. Stacey and Ms. Donna have worked hard at bringing the indoors outside, as well as bringing the outdoors inside! The season of Autumn naturally provides a wealth of inquiry from the four year old children about weather, harvest, insects, farm life, planting, leaves, and trees.

Popular interest in construction vehicles, dinosaurs, superheroes, camping, block building, and cooking have guided our program planning and classroom activities in a very organic way. The discovery of spider webs, worms under logs, beetles in the garden and stink bugs sneaking inside have prompted us to focus on creepy crawlies. Our magnifying glasses have been put to fantastic use this past month!



If November is anything like October we are bound to enjoy some wonderfully rainy weather, and we will use the opportunity to explore our gardens, parkland, and beautifully expanded yard leaf collecting and puddle jumping along the way! We plan to bring to life the children’s interest in camping as well as caves, bears and splunking! Splunking? What’s that? Wait and see! And s’mores, have you heard? Well, we are making some!


exploring-autumn-leaves-craftWe have discovered that our four year olds are prolific artists and crafters! What to do with all the amazing paintings and various creations? We encourage you to display your favorites around your home, frame them up and give them as gifts, or check out ARTKIVE! Visit as a way to keep the memory but not necessarily the bulk! In the meantime, recycle those works of art as gift wrap and one of a kind presents!


Special dates to mark on your calendar include:

Wednesday November 9th. Remembering. Families are invited to join us that day for a special Remembrance Day snack and recitation of In Flanders Field.

Friday, November 18th.  We are making pizza with our classes!

Monday, November 21st. We are inviting a local Metis artist Carol Rose (living and working in our community) to share her art and a special art activity with your children

Wednesday, December 14th.  Please be sure to note this is the day we have chosen to have our Christmas Party. All family members are welcome to join us for our class and we will be sharing food, songs, crafts and holiday cheer. Details to be announced at our next class meeting during the GM.

Your teachers Ms. Stacey and Ms. Donna wish to thank you all once again for your enthusiasm and warmth and collective encouragement for helping us settle into the new school year and find our way together as a new teaching team. Every day gets better and brighter and we are having so much fun with your children discovering their hopes and dreams and interests and building on these discoveries!

Best Regards, your teachers Ms. Donna and Ms. Stacey


QPPS Family Favourites


Homemade Paint


  • baby food jars
  • flour
  • water


1. place a heaping tablespoon of flour into each baby food jar

2. add 2 tablespoons of water to each jar, more if needed to get the desired consistency.

3. add enough gel or liquid food colouring to get desired brightness & mix well.


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