May 2017

April 26, 2017

From the President

I cannot believe it is May already. It has been such an exciting and busy year.

Welcome Teacher Lynda!

I am so thrilled to say that Teacher Lynda will be starting in our 3’s Classes this month. Please help me in welcoming her into the preschool.

Thank you Teachers!

I wanted to take some time to say a BIG THANK YOU to Miss Donna and Miss Stacey for all their hard work this year. They have both gone over and above this year to help make QPPS what it is. All of their hard work and passion have truly been appreciated.


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback so far. The reviews are in progress and will be completed by the end of May. If you haven’t already please take the time to complete the surveys listed below. This is a great chance for families to provide feedback about their overall preschool experience and our Teachers.  I would like to really encourage you to share your thoughts… this is a great way for the executive to learn what is working well and what might need to be changed.  The more information we hear from families, the better able we are to make changes… so bring it on, tell us what you love and what you “just can’t figure out”!

General Preschool Survey

Teacher’s Survey

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at



Ahhh new baby bliss! Congratulations to Amy, Curtis and Benjamin on the birth of their new baby girl! We know that Benjamin is going to be a great big brother!



Silent Auction Update

Here are the final figures for the Silent Auction this year in case you were curious: Total Gross Revenue was $15,517.00, less expenses of $2,979.95 for a total net revenue of $12,537.05.  We exceeded our goal which is wonderful.  Thank you all so much for your support of the Preschool!



Parent Education

This month:  May 2nd

This month we will host Dr. Wendy Hall, PhD on the topic of sleep and its effects on children’s and parent’s health. Dr. Wendy Hall, professor at UBC’s School of Nursing, will present “When Lullabies Are Not Enough: Reducing the Impact of Poor Sleep on Children & Their Parents”. Dr. Hall’s presentation will include information about why sleep is important, what sleep is about, recommendations for healthy sleep duration, considerations about sleep and feeding, factors that promote and interfere with sleep, how to identify a sleep problem, and ways to improve sleep. She will provide information that covers infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

Next Month:  June 6th

Next month we will welcome our very own Rolande Barbon! Rolande is a dietician along with fellow QPPS mom, and will talk about helping families raise healthy eaters. Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

If you have any questions or comments about parent education or need guidance on some homework ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Angie Stephens (


image-clip-art-health-e1349370160511Enrollment News

Spaces in 3’s class for 2017/2018 school year are still available, tell your friends and spread the word 🙂

2017/2018 school year tuition is  due at the May GM please refer to the latest tuition change email for revised monthly fees or check the enrollment tab on the QPPS website under enrollment tab for more information.


Message from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is still looking for people to become part of the Executive next year.  Some positions follow the school year from September to June and some positions; such as, Enrollment Coordinator follow the calendar year and will run from January 2018 to January 2017.  Being on the Executive is a great way to get involved and meet other parents at the preschool.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email or ask anyone currently on the Executive Commitee.”


3-Year Old Class Information

Here we are and it is already May….

In our 3 year old classes we have had a wonderous time exploring. We are mighty explorers.

Both inside and out we have been having so much fun creating a farm and learning about gardens and farm animals (did you hear, the petting zoo will be open soon)!  We have been singing songs about animals and farms and we helped plant a bit of lettuce. Next we are growing beans and planting flowers and bulbs!

The Easter bunny paid us a visit, and we enjoyed collecting colourful eggs, we enjoyed counting, carrying, sorting and then hiding the eggs again! The whole process included learning about sharing, colour recognition, shape recognition, hand eye coordination, teamwork and most of all fun!

Farmer Marga brought her incubator and twelve eggs. The three year old class have been curious about what is going to happen.  It is hard to wait- those eggs just sit there- but every once in a while we peek inside the incubator and see if all the eggs are still there. We have counted out twelve, and we know that means one dozen. The eggs are smooth and fragile and we know that in a few weeks chicks will hatch! We have learned that the incubator is a warm safe place helping the eggs grow.

For some time our loft was a wonderful train station. It has now been converted into a dinosaur land! It is a work in progress in all of the classes. We have created mountains, sunshine, clouds, water and now we are making volcanoes together!

It has been a busy time in our art areas! The children have been creating wonderful works of art, some of which we will display at our upcoming art show! The second annual art show will happen at the end of May! Our inspiration is nature. The show is being called Mother Earth.Father Sky. Every child who wishes to create art for the art show will be making watercolour art, sculptures, acrylic paintings, liquid tempra paintings, oil pastel drawings and crayon art! Current families are invited to attend the private opening on Friday May 26th and then the show will run for the weekend and is open to the public  Saturday May 27th and 28th!  The art show will be held in the New Westminster Art Gallery (just upstairs from the preschool). Mark your calendars!

By popular repeated request here is our  playdough recipe:

Best Playdough Ever

2 Cups flour

1 Cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

2 cups  warm water

4 tablespoons oil

food colouring

Mix all dry ingredients in a non stick pan

mix all liquids together and then pour into dry ingredients

stir constantly over medium/low heat (about 10 minutes)

store in plastic bag or container.

With fond regards, Donna


13094145_1168626806505554_5023455785103680632_n4-Year Old Class Information

They say April showers brings May flowers, I think they maybe right as the few days of sun have helped the trees bloom. April was another busy month in the classroom with special visitors and some temporary guests.

This month the children explored life on the farm and chicks. Farmer Marga delivered our eggs that are on the counter in their incubator, in another week or so we will move them from the egg roller to the mesh to hatch.

Would you believe as we were upstairs visiting the Art Gallery and the canvases that are on display the Easter Bunny visited the classroom. The children enjoyed hunting for eggs so much that for the next week the children continued to hide and hunt for eggs.

As the month moved on we explored building with different materials, paper and blocks. Each day the building and creations got a little more complex and beautiful.

The month is ending with a visit from a Fencer who explained about bouts (fights) with a Sabre how to stay safe while fencing and what a fencer wears. The children asked questions and wanted to know if fencer go to space once they put their helmets on. Thank you to the families who joined us on Earth Day to clean up and refresh the play yard.

Mother’s Day Tea Friday May 12th
Owl’s to Visit Class Friday May 19th
Art Show Friday May 26th (opening night)
Sunday May 28th (art show closes)

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