June 2017

June 1, 2017

From the President

Its the end of another year at Queen’s Park Preschool. It has been my honour to have been your president this last year.

Thank you all for such a wonderful year, I have truly enjoyed meeting so many new families and formed so many friendships.

As the year comes to an end, I would like to take the time to thank all of our teachers.  Thank you to Ms. Stacey and Ms. Lynda for joining us. Thank you to Ms. Stacey and Ms. Donna for all the hard work this year and always going over and beyond for the preschool and the children.

Also, a big Thank you to all our amazing executives this year! You volunteered knowing it meant extra meetings and more work – please know you are appreciated so very much, the preschool would not function without such a great executive.

Sapperton Day Street Festival
Come Join Us! The preschool will have a display at Sapperton Day Street festival (June 11). Sapperton Days we’ll be painting faces. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help out… we’ll be recruiting a few more volunteers over the next few weeks. Whether you stop by to help, or just for a visit… we look forward to seeing you there!

Summer Garden Watering Schedule – Volunteers Needed
Our amazing outdoor space doesn’t stop growing over the summer, so of course it needs watering! Last summer we created a weekly schedule with families passing a key along to the next family each week. This worked very well and we’ll be doing it again this summer. The sign up sheet will be circulated at the June GM… so if your kids will be begging to go “back to preschool” this summer – sign up for a week of watering and your kids will be thrilled. (sorry… only outside playing, not inside!).




IMG_5156Enrollment Update

We have spaces open in the 3’s class for this upcoming September – tell your friends!





Social Event – Sky Zone

The last social event will be Sunday, June 11th at 10am – 11am. We will be taking advantage of the toddler drop-in time at the Sky Zone in Surrey. The cost for toddler time is $8 for the first child and $5 per sibling and an additional cost of $3 each for socks. If you already have
skyzone socks you do not have to purchase another pair. Parent’s can participate for $8 or
they can watch the children for free. If parent’s want to watch beside the trampolines they
will need skyzone socks for $3 or if they have a pair, it will be free. We ask everyone come around 10am so kids can interact.


Parent Participation

The Nominating Committee is looking to fill the Orientation Coordinator position for next year.  The position follows the calendar year which means you would take over the job in January 2018 and remain in the position until December 2018.  If you are interested or have any questions about the position, please email nicole_silbernagel@hotmail.com or any other member of the executive.

It’s a great opportunity to get involved and help other parents joining our great preschool!


Parent Education Session – June 6th 2017

This month we will host Rolande Barbon, registered dietitian and fellow Queen’s Park Preschool Parent! Rolande will present “How to Raise Healthy Eaters: Fostering Eating Competency in our Children”. Rolande’s presentation will discuss what it means to be a competent eater and the associated long-term health benefits. She will provide recommendations about meal and snack times, discuss how to cultivate healthy relationships with food, outline factors that impact our children’s desire to eat healthy foods and discuss how to preserve internal regulation. This valuable information applies to preschoolers as well as the whole family!

Rolande is passionate about helping families grow well, play well and live well. She believes that the foundation for feeling great comes from nourishing our bodies with food that we love. Rolande has gained a wide range of experience over her many years as a dietitian. Through working in acute care hospitals, facilitating workshops, and providing nutrition counseling for families and individuals, she understands first hand the vital role nutrition plays in healing, harmony, and health. Rolande prides herself in always providing evidence-based, sound nutrition advice while preserving the pleasure of eating.

Tickets will be available to the public for $10.

And that’s it! It has been such a pleasure being the education coordinator this school year at QPPS! I hope you have enjoyed the speakers!! HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!

Peace out!



3-Year Old Classroom Information

With a visit from Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society this past month our three year old classes enjoyed meeting an owl and a falcon!  O.W.L visit taught us about birds of prey in our vicinity and about how to respect wildlife and care for it!  We learned about the difference between birds that hunt in the day and birds that hunt at night. We were able to see, touch and explore various feathers and we even had a chance to touch the tips of very sharp talons!

During the month of May we explored  things with wings including chickens, birds, and insects.  We discussed eggs, wings and nests.   We are patiently waiting for our butterflies to emerge from cocoons!  It is so hard to wait but we are excited to meet our Painted Lady butterflies and release them into nature in a few weeks!   Learning about the lifecycle of butterflies has been very interesting for our three year old classes.  We now know that the lifecycle of a butterfly begins as an egg, then larvae/caterpillar, crysalis/pupa and then finally beautiful butterfly! We have also been reading books and telling stories about insects such as ladybugs! The Very Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle is an alltime favourite story book on our bookshelf! Little Snail Little Snail has been a fun and interactive felt story that the teachers shared with the children and then in turn the children were able to recreate the felt story on their own.

The three year old classes worked dilligently on creating watercolour paintings and acrylic paintings on canvas, as well as leaf collages for our annual art show. The art show was a wonderful success.

Our mothers were honoured and celebrated one sunny day with tulip bouquets,  with sharing snack together and enjoying lemonade and ice-tea from our lemonade stand! We had a photo booth with props and this gave us a chance to be silly with our beloved moms. All of the children worked hard on creating a clay heart for mom.

Our snail habitat is coming along and the three year old classes are enjoying feeding our snails and building up the habitat.  In a few days we will release the snails (we have seven) back into nature.

Inside-Outside days have been finally happening now that the sunshine is showing itself at last. What a treat to spend most of our day outdoors! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you get to preschool and please provide a sunhat for your child….we hope to spend lots and lots of time in our play yard!

Ms. Lynda is once again co teaching along side Ms. Donna and we give a warm welcome to our beloved teacher Lynda who has returned to QPP after a brief hiatus.  It is such a pleasure to have Ms. Lynda back with us at Queens Park Preschool.

Important dates to remember:  Celebrating Dad! Dad’s please join us for the last hour of class for a picnic on the hill and lemonade stand. Details to be announced and a sign up sheet provided. We will have bubbles and chalk and our parachute out to enjoy together. Bring a blanket and a bagged lunch to share with your little one.  Children are invited to also bring along a favourite stuffy so that we can have a teddy bear picnic together -rain or shine. If the weather is uncooperative we will simply move inside. Teddy Bear Picnic with Dad is Thursday June 8th!

Last day of class for our three year old’s is Thursday June 15th. We are having shorter class on this day- only one hour. Extended family is welcome  to join us for inside outside day, potluck snack and festivities to wrap up the school year before  summer break begins. Details to be announced. Mark your calendars!


Thank you again for yet another wonderful preschool month. It has been a great pleasure!

Donna and Lynda














4 Year Old Classroom Information

Wow, June already where has time gone? I feel like it was yesterday that Donna and I stood
in front of you introducing ourselves. This year has gone by so quickly and May has gone by
just as quickly.

The month started with 7 chicks hatching and sharing their cuteness with us. We talked
about life on the farm and sung about Old McDonald and painted with trackers. Did an
experiment with eggs, we placed them in vinegar to see if we could make it like rubber and have it bounce….it did not, we got a jello egg.

We got ourselves ready for Mother’s Day and the Art Show. The art show was a success, the children and families appeared to enjoy themselves. Thank you Ms. Donna for sharing your talent, vision and passion with us.

While we worked on the different projects the loft came alive with Dinosaurs and Volcanos. The children appeared to enjoy having the volcano erupt, each time hoping it would get a little bit bigger.

We said goodbye to the chicks and the dinosaurs and welcomed the butterfly eggs and the baby dolls in the loft. We have been exploring butterflies, insects and did some planting. We watched as the beans germinated while hanging on the window. When they were ready we moved them into pots.

We have started our inside outside days and continue to watch the caterpillars change into their chrysalis, we should have Butterflies in about a week.

As we move into June we are getting ready to celebrate Summer birthdays, Fathers Day and Graduation.



June 2 & 5 Summer Birthdays
June 9 Fathers Day
June 16 End of Year

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