Parent Participation Preschool

Parent ParticipationQueen’s Park Preschool is a Parent Participation Preschool (PPP). Our preschool is a non-profit preschool that is owned and operated by the parents of children registered and attending the preschool.

Queen’s Park PPP is a wonderful learning environment which provides parents with an opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s preschool experience, work democratically with other parents and to assist the teachers in the daily operations of the preschool.

Parents also have a chance to:

  • Be part of their child’s gentle transition into a preschool.
  • Gain valuable insights and ideas for parenting preschoolers through quality parent education sessions.
  • See how preschoolers develop and share experiences with other parents.
  • Learn together with their child and with the preschool teachers.


Queen’s Park Preschool flourishes because of the time and effort that parents put into the school. The parent commitment includes:

  • Attending the Preschool Orientation sessions.
  • Participating in scheduled duty days at the preschool where parents assist the teachers during a class session (1-2 per month).
  • See how preschoolers develop and share experiences with other parents.
  • Attendance at Parent Education Sessions (General Meetings) held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Doing a job at the preschool – these jobs range in various levels of commitment and time (from being part of a cleaning team to being on the executive board).
  • Assisting once a year with either setting up/taking down the preschool equipment.
  • Participation in preschool fundraisers.